In ten minutes' time I get to meet with my boss and figure out where my government career is going to go. I'm not too sure what to expect, whether I'll be handed a list of options and told to pick, or asked what I want to do, or what. Either way, 'cause it's new and it's my boss and I have a built-in fear of bosses, I'm nervous. :)

However, I'm slowly digging myself a little niche in here. I have one of my coworkers making what she calls "Jen faces" on occasion, I've been the one co-ordinating our Christmas party for the sub-directorate, and I'm allowing my sense of humour to show through a bit. :) I don't kid myself that I'm invaluable or irreplaceable, but I think people are starting to like me. :) I know that I've been involved in a number of conversations where I think I impressed people with my knowledge/sense of humour, at the very least. Points for me. :)

Big A and I saw Rufus Wainwright last night, and aside from my aching feet and the stupid tall people, it was a good time. I started out at a bit of a disadvantage, wearing sight heels and having done a fair bit of lower body in my workout with my trainer (not that that's up to me to choose, of course). I can still feel it in my thighs today, and I don't know if it's the workout, the standing around, or if I didn't stretch properly, or a combination. Whatever it is, it's a weird nice/pain feeling.

I'm still plowing through the Anita Blake books -- I'm near the end of book five tonight, and I have every intention of finishing it. Thankfully there are still a few more to go -- I think two or three in my possession, and another two or so I still have yet to purchase. This is quite the addiction. :)

Plans are in the works to meet a few of my emode penpals next week. The few people I've been talking to regularly seem like decent guys, but if I don't post here after I say I'm meeting 'em, well... maybe someone that loves me will notice my absence. :)

My brain has just drawn a blank and it's time for me to be off, anyhow. I'll try to write more later, if I can think of more inanities to post. :)

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