I called in sick to work this morning. I was running behind because I wasn't feeling well, so I just decided screw it, I'm taking a day off. I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to do today, anyhow.

I've managed to get some of it -- the baking -- done. That's been about it. However, I cancelled my doctor's appointment, so I don't have to run across the city (by bus) in order to do anything, so that's good.

I also won one of the Furbies, so life is happy. ;)

I've had to follow different auctions, 'cause I keep getting outbid at the final hour, but I have a PDA I may win in an hour and a half, so it's all good. Well, it might be.

Anyhow... last night I had a free pass to see "Win a date with Tad Hamilton," so I took the opportunity to watch it. I'd been curious about the movie when I saw previews for it, and while I knew it would be kinda light but looked fun. Sure enough, it was. The movie was fairly predictable, but fun, and there was a lot of crowd interaction when I saw it -- some girls a few rows up and over were being pretty loud in their reaction to things, and it was amusing. I like movies that the crowd responds to.

Ah well... what else was I going to write about here? Well, I had a bunch of weird dreams this morning. See, I went back to bed around 6:30 and slept until just after 8, when my coworker called with some questions about my computer passwords. Then I fell back asleep until 9, when my landlord called and told me that he was going to have some people come by to look at the building -- apparently they're considering buying it. I thought it was going to be tomorrow... turns out they came by today. No big deal -- they at least took their shoes off when they came in, which was nice.

So, weird dreams. Well, first I dreamt that I lived on the second or third floor of the building, and I was looking out the window and saw that my neighbours were having an honest-to-goodness orgy. People just kept slowly joining, one by one. I went out to join in at one point, but didn't really participate and wound up going to another part of the backyard (where it was taking place). Out where I was there was a red couch that had straps in the upright part of it, as decoration, and someone had tied a cat to one of the buckles, on a leash -- that way the cat could be outside and be safe. There was something else out in the yard, but I don't remember what... it might've been a table with a boardgame on it or something, I'm not entirely sure.

From there, my next dream had be riding buses and climbing through buildings or something with the kid who played Olivia on The Cosby Show, as we waited for her parents to come meet us. I think someone was chasing us, so I had to comfort her.

I'm pretty sure there was another dream, but now I can't remember what it was. Sorry. :)

The next few days I'm house-sitting Big A's dog, Holden, so you all know what that means -- party! Oh yeah. ;)

Tomorrow night is a birthday party, so I'm looking forward to that, and the rest of the weekend is just going to be lazing about, or so it would seem so far. I need people to call me! I just know I'm going to go stir-crazy if I stay in all weekend. :P

My trainer laughed a lot at me yesterday. :( :) I was walking funny all day because my legs hurt so much, and I thought I was more or less compensating okay (except for my agonizingly slow pace), but she said she knew what to look for, so I took that to mean it wasn't *too* obvious. She helped me stretch out my legs, and while it didn't necessarily feel any different later yesterday, I feel so much better today. The muscles in my inner thighs are still somewhat swollen, but I can at least sit cross-legged now without difficulty.

I just realized, I haven't been over to the Habicube since their post-New Year's bash, and I haven't had a lot of chance to talk to any of the Habicube Habitants in that time, either. I know, they hate me. It's okay, I can live with it.

*runs away, crying*

And a little tangent that I started has apparently turned itself into another Whore's Boudoir post, so this is kinda cool.

I noticed when I went to have my shower today that the tanning I've been doing has left me with some *really* weird tan lines; like, there's a big diamond-shaped section that starts on my tricep and works through my armpit and down my side that's white. I know it's because of the way I lie when I'm in the bed, so now I think I'm going to have to start lying with my hands over my head or something equally weird. Ah, the challenges involved in getting pretty.

I fell asleep for a bit in the sauna yesterday, after my shower. Oh, who wants to claim I'm a smart one? :)

Anyways, time for me to get my move on. I think I'm going to have a Muppet-fest tonight, so anyone who wants to join me, call my cell and I'll see what I can arrange. :)

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