I think someone's trying to tell me something.

I got a survey in the mail recently. The envelope says "Planning Ahead..." in purple script. I consider this ominous.

I open the envelope, and sure enough, it's a "Funeral Planning Survey," from Canada Purple Shield.

The part of me that's sick and twisted is vaguely amused by the disclaimer at the end: "This survey is part of a general distribution. Delivery to home where illness exists is unintentional."

Well, I guess that means I needn't worry. *Yet*.

But, if I fill out the information with my personal info, they say: "The above information is potional, but we cannot provide your FREE information or your Free Wishes and Memories Booklet without it."


Although I've already been discriminated against; the "How old are you?" opening question begins with 26-40 as a checkbox. Apparently younger people don't think about or plan death.

Speaking of death... one of the ladies who works in my department (although she was strategic communications, not communications operations) died. I don't know any other details, and I didn't know her very well, but as my coworker says, the vibe around here is a little off.

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