Someone take away my ebay account before I go broke.

By the end of today I may be the proud owner of a PDA, keyboard for said (although if the price goes up anymore, I give up), and a Furby.


I plan to carry the Furby around with me and use it to make me giggle whenever I get annoyed. Furbies are a-a-a-awe-awesome!, so you can all just shut up. If it makes me giggle, it's all good.

I may also own a Wrinkles backpack, but I won't know about that for another few days. I'm so glad that I'm buying all this stuff when I know I'm already broke -- having to pay two months' rent and renew my training sessions really close together kinda hit me in the pocketbook. Ah well... I also got some card games the other day -- Killer Bunnies and Chez Geek -- that I'm looking forward to playing. Not cheap, but fun. I hope.

*sigh* Someone take my money away from me... or take over my finances for me. See, this is why I say I need a sugardaddy. It's not for clothes or jewelry or anything like that, but for stupid fiddly things to keep me entertained.

Important lesson I learned yesterday: electronics do not like the cold. My discman's batteries were flat after about an hour, and my cell phone was being mighty sluggish. Stupid electronics. :)


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