Is anyone really surprised by the fact that we have six more weeks of winter?

Naw, me neither. When was the last time we didn't have six more weeks of winter? I can't remember either.

I have to say, this quote at the end kinda bugs me: ""He did a quick turn there, and I think it's because he did see his shadow and we have six more weeks of winter," said Carl Noble, mayor of South Bruce Peninsula."

You think it's because he saw his shadow? How about it's because you guys had rock music, fireworks and a huge crowd of people surrounding his burrow for an hour straight? "The spirited crowd, some clad in furry groundhog hats or even full-length costumes, chanted "Phil! Phil! Phil!" after fireworks and a long night of rock music drew to an end and the hour of the ceremony neared."

Okay, so I may be confusing the two events (i.e., I think that South Bruce Peninsula is associated with Wiarton Willie and the second quote obviously refers to Punxsutawney Phil), but regardless... the poor groundhog. I mean, he's all cozy and hibernating, he's having a good time, and all of a sudden a whole bunch of big, bipedal twits decide that on a particular day he has to be hauled from his comfy little home in order to make an appearance, potentially get booed at, and feel like crap before he gets to go back to sleep for another six weeks.

Hell, I'd be pretty crabby if someone hauled me out of my comfy little tomb to ask me some stupid question that I couldn't possibly honestly answer -- like what do you think the temperature will be in Cape Breton in a month -- then stuffed me back into my bed. Especially if I got booed if I gave an answer they didn't like. :P

Meh. I had a fairly quiet weekend. Got out to see The Butterfly Effect on Friday with some friends, and while it wasn't what I would call an uplifting movie (understatement), I nonetheless thought it was well done.

Afterwards did some hanging out and gameboarding at a friend’s place. I was rather burned out by that point (especially since I got to bed later than I had all week on Thursday), so I really just wanted to relax and let the world flow around me. Of course, once I got home I was all awake, which was annoying.

Had a number of good conversations with Greg that night (many of which I dominated, ‘cause such is my personality – blabbermouth), and I tried to maybe start setting the record straight. Not that it necessarily needs it, but in my head I have one view of how people perceive me and I want to try to fight that perception, because I don’t think it’s me, nor do I think it’s accurate or fair. Redundancy!

I spent much of Saturday lounging and reading, and I even took a nap before dinner, then did some more lounging and knitting and other exciting stuff. See what happens when no one wants t spend time with me? Ah well. I also did some drinking and trying to get my new PDA to work, but gave up after a few hours because I just couldn’t get it to do what it needed. I wound up calling Ben on my way to work on Sunday and he is my computer/PDA God. :)

This week is supposed to be beautiful, so I’m hoping to get out skating again, at least once. I also have Gord’s festorama of birthdayness at the end of the week, so I’m looking forward to that (will there be drinking? I imagine so!).

Okay, I had other things to say, but I can’t remember what they were, and I’m running out of time, so I’m off.

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