Kah is learning English. I'm such a proud Mommy.

On that note... remember earlier when I said I was a bad mom 'cause I transported him in a plastic bag? Well, I can top that.

See, last week I got a PDA off eBay. Ben showed me a site where I could download a DigiPet for my PDA, sort of the geek's equivalent of the Tamagotchi craze from a few years' back.

So I did. And I managed to kill the first one in less than a day, simply because I had the audacity to sleep or something when it decided it needed to have its poops cleaned up or its disease cured or it fed or something; I only came back to find my PDA semi-crashed and it dead.

Okay, no problem. I started a new one, named him Steve, and went to town. He made it to two days old, and we were a happy couple. Then Saturday night I came home from the party, turned it off, and set it on my desk. Well, some time around 8 in the morning (after I'd gone to bed at 3), my PDA started tweedling 'cause Steve needed attention.

I fed him or cleaned up his poops (I don't remember now), then put my PDA on my computer chair and piled clothes on it.

An hour later, Steve tweedled again. This time I picked up the PDA, carried it into the living room, put it on the couch, piled a bunch of pillows on it, and went back to bed.

That's right, because my little DigiPet was making noise and waking me up, I buried it under a stack of pillows so I couldn't hear it anymore.

I am a wonderful mom. :)

Anyhow, what else? There was, of course, Gord's party this weekend, whereby I saw someone that I haven't seen or spoken to in years (the last party at which I saw him -- also the first party at which I met him -- I slept with him... that is, I shared a bed with him and two other people), and I mixed myself a super-sized chocolate martini. I only managed to get through the one, 'cause it was pretty potent stuff (pure vodka and creme de cacao, that's the stuff to clean your sinuses), and I wasn't really trying to get drunk.

We had dinner at Mexi's, and I amused Shawn's mom with tales of woe, we mocked our waitress, and some of us (namely Will) got away without paying. Damn my broke, honest hide.

After dinner, some of us hopped over to the liquor store, and Ben handed me the $20 Jacob had given him and asked me to buy Jacob beer. The beer Jake had requested wasn't available there, so it was up to me to come up with a suitable replacement.

Anyone who knows me ought to know by now that it is a bad idea to hand me money, point me to a store and say, "Go buy whatever." Sometimes you'll get lucky, and sometimes you won't.

So in we went, and I decided that rather than buy two 6-packs, Jacob was going to get a Bubba. Will said he liked Canadian, so we bought him a Bubba of Canadian. Oh yeah. :)

We schlepped everything back to the house, partied hard, and around 1:30 or so I took off with Jamie. We caught the buses in opposing directions, and I managed to get myself home. There were a few drunks out on the street, but nothing too awful.

I just remembered my last encounter with drunks, at the restaurant awhile back, but I think I've already told that story, so I won't repeat myself. :)

Highlights of the party? Well, there were a few, but I don't want to upset anyone, so I won't bother. No crazy making out this time, unfortunately. Ah well, who knows what the future holds, right? :)

Tonight I'm heading out to the folks' place to meet with their financial planner and open up an RRSP. And beat up the cats. I feel so... grown up and geeky and weird all at once. And I have crazy hair. :)

We got an email circulated around work saying they were doing a Plant Inventory. I'm sure it's exactly what it says it is, but a plant inventory? This amuses me.

Oh yeah! And I updated Whore's Boudoir.

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