Okay, so I need to listen to more classical music, it’s been decided. Why? ‘Cause when I listen to classical music, I want to write. Stupid Pavlovian training.

Anyhow, what’s new and exciting? Well, I spent a bunch of money at Price Club with Dad last night. I went there to buy tampons and left with a blender, among other things. I am the master of the impulse purchase, or what? I want to start having smoothies, and they’re healthy and they give me an excuse to buy and eat lots of fruits once they start arriving locally and so on... and yeah. Blender. Whoo!

I also watched Angel last night – the excuse for going over to the house, really. Kind of a dissatisfying episode, in a sense. The writers for Angel are big on the accusatory things (this even drops into Buffy sometimes), and the whole, “You feel bad. Good. You should. I’ll now say some more things to make you feel worse.” *shudder* Not so good. At the same time, it was awesome that they brought in the running-gag with the shrimp world, especially since I’d been talking to my dad about that not five minutes sooner.

I listened to the Once More with Feeling soundtrack on my way to work today, and it made me crave Spike more. Shut up, stop rolling your eyes – I never went through this phase as a teenager, so I’m just a late bloomer with a better idea of what I’m talking about. Crazy, mad, dirty, wrong sex with James Marsters. It’s a goal of mine.

Anyhow, I watched Angel, Dad took me home, and Thena was being her usual beastly self. There’s not much new with her... aside from she’s weird. Yesterday morning, I stripped down for my shower, and I was bent over adjusting the temperature of the water or something when she leapt up onto my back. Now, I was ready to get in the shower, so I warned her of this and straightened up as best as I could before getting in.

Now, typically she sits on the toilet or the back of the toilet to watch me shower, or she’ll get on the edge of the tub between the curtains (if she can make it in, otherwise she just winds up pushing the outer curtain into the tub) and hangs out until I’m out of the shower. When she was younger, she’d get in the tub after I was done or just lick my toes when I stepped out of the tub (now that my heat’s out, I don’t hurry out of the warmth).

But not this time. This time, I got in the shower, moving slowly, anticipating that any second I’d wind up in a world of pain as the kitten dove from my shoulder. She isn’t too keen on the whole water thing, as early baths had proven – she tends to cry pathetically and try to get out of my grasp, pretty standard for cats of all ages. Admittedly she’s slipped into the tub a few times when her leap failed her, but she’s always been protected by the curtain.

Anyhow... slowly walking closer and closer to the water (which doesn’t take long, given that my tub isn’t the largest in the world), and I have a few pounds of furry cat perched on my shoulder, and she’s not moving. I actually walked face-first into the spray and got my hair fairly wet, and of course the cat in the process, before she decided to take off. Even that she didn’t do in a manner painful to me – I could tell by her body language that she was ready to go, so I moved over and bent down close to the edge of the tub and she took off.

At some point she moved to her usual perch on the back of the toilet and washed while I finished my shower. I tried to help her out a bit by drying her off with a hand towel, but she wasn’t too interested (few cats like to be towelled off in my experience). She wasn’t pissed at me, she didn’t seem too concerned about being vaguely soggy in the 15-degree apartment – it was almost like it was a new experience she wanted to try, see why I did it so often and with such regularity. :)

So that was yesterday’s entertainment. Work was pretty dull; there was a major to-do going on, so no one was around (and there’s not been a lot going on anyhow). Today has also been fairly quiet... with any luck I won’t have to stay here until 5 or 6 tonight, but that depends on people getting things done for me. *grumble* Sometimes relying on other people really sucks; this is what years of groupwork have taught me, and the work place just reinforces that.

However, I got my books in the mail today, so I can start planning my trip (or at least doing some research ahead of time) as well as plan my sexual odyssey, as I told Shawn. Ironically enough, I may also be going celibate in the future, so my sexual odyssey may be somewhat stunted. Or it may just consist of my learning all kinds of new and creative ways to get myself off. Who knows?! It’s an adventure. Lesbianism is also a possibility. I, of course, will keep you posted – but without pictures or video, so don’t even think about asking. Yeesh.

Last night I was in a fairly cranky mood, and it didn’t help that various lavalife guys were only concerned with my physical attributes: “Do you have a big butt?” “What are your boobs like?” and so on. I’ve also gotten the “What’s your best physical attribute?” I say eyes. He asks for second best, I say hair. He asks for third best... I know he’s just going to keep going until I say something he wants to actually talk about. *rolls eyes* Frankly, I’ve grown tired of it, and I’m at the point now where I turn the question around on them – “How big’s your dick?” Not that I actually want to know, I’m just tired of being reduced to my body parts.

Hell, I could say that I have perfect tits, a tight stomach, a perky ass, showgirl legs, and it could be true (hahahahha), but if we meet in person and you don’t like the way mine are – if they’re not up to your “exacting” standards, then it doesn’t matter. Not that I’m going to be meeting up with someone who just wants me for my body (or how he hopes it looks), but whatever.

I also had an exchange recently with a guy who wanted to pimp me out (I’ll post that one soon), and with another guy whose opening line was, “Hi, can I see your bs?” I open up his profile (which I do with everyone that messages/emails/sends me a smile), and I shit you not, his profile specifically says, “I don’t respond to people who ask for my backstage within the first line or two” blah blah blah. So I call him on it, quoting his profile back at him – I’m not there to win friends and influence people – and he’s all like, “Well, you don’t live close by, I didn’t think it mattered.” Christ.

Now I want to go on lavalife and be rude to the idiots. There are two guys that I can think of that message me every time they’re online, and one of them I’ve never spoken to. Ever. The other guy, every time he’s on, “Hey, wanna chat?” Dude. If it’s been a few times, a few weeks, and I haven’t replied – drop it. Seriously. Same deal with the guy who keeps asking for my backstage and I keep ignoring him. Urgh.

So yeah, grumpy mood yesterday. Ah well... for every five irritating guys, I talk to a good one (or at least a non-gross one), and that kinda balances out.

What else did I want to write about? Well, over the Easter weekend, my mom fell down the stairs (just one stair at the end – she missed the final step) and sprained her ankle pretty badly, so I had to drive her out to a hair appointment on Wednesday in this backwoods region. In order to amuse myself, I drove up and down the main drag, which didn’t turn up much in terms of entertainments... but I did find a llama farm, so it was kinda cool. I sat for awhile and did some writing, ate dinner at a little café, and otherwise felt bored and sleepy. At least the weather was nice.

Other than that, it’s been a fairly quiet time for me. I’ve watched a decent number of movies recently – the Disney Hercules (which had a great deal of potential, but it just didn’t quite pan out, particularly the music, although “I can go the distance” is nice), which I hadn’t seen since its theatrical release; Mambo Italiano, which was pretty good, and it was nice to see his family come to grips with things and defend him; American Splendour; umm... a whole bunch of others. Not all of them are new to me.

The furnace in my apartment has died again – awhile ago, as my ever-so-explanatory post, “My apartment is cold” has so informed you all. My landlord’s help? “You still have that space heater I brought you?” Urgh. So useless. Have I also mentioned that he cashed my March rent cheque at the end of March (instead of on the 1st, when it’s oh, I don’t know, due?!), thereby causing it to bounce (okay, also my fault) and I hate him more? Twice now, he’s cashed two months’ worth of rent at the same time... it’s like he only does it when he needs the money or something. Aargh. I want to have moved months ago at this point. :P

Okay, now I’m going. More later, probably.

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