I forgot to mention that lately I've been craving hamburgers, so I ordered one from a nearby take-out place last night. I didn't want to haul butt to the Wendy's, 'cause it was in the opposite direction from where I was going and I was all gross from the gym. Good workout, though.

Anyhow, so I called the pizza place, and who answers by the pizza guy. I was stunned, since I didn't expect him to be working at the downtown location, but what the hell. We chatted a bit, he told me about the baby he's going to be having soon (which Heather had mentioned awhile ago), and I found out they're having a girl and calling her Zoey.

Then it took the guy an hour to get to my place to deliver the food, and he couldn't figure out what I'd ordered, despite my telling him several times. Stupid driver.

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