I really have to remember to stop skipping periods. It just makes the eventual one that much worse. I just had a cramp of doom so bad that my cheeks flushed.

Update on the apartment situation from an email I sent my dad:

So I just spoke to my landlord and he says that what had happened was that the hot water tank for the upstairs neighbours exploded, hence my destroyed ceiling.

He has my window open and my space heater running to try to dry out the carpet, and he'll replace that if necessary. The ceiling guy will be in next week to give me a new ceiling (which is currently missing, I've been told).

He said I was also one of his smarter tenants because I'd left a number at which they could reach me -- I have a little dry-erase board on my bedroom door with a generic note about Thena and my work cell number for the days when I have to shut her up in there.

Finally, he was going back and forth with the ceiling guy while I was on the phone, and I guess the guy asked if I had a leash for Thena or something, and Mike said no leash, then he said yeah, she has a leash, 'cause I take her out for walks in the back, he's been told. Feels weird to have the other tenants reporting on me to him, but I can't possibly be upsetting anyone -- she stays on the leash, with me, usually on the deck, and I don't let her get into anyone's stuff, and she doesn't do any bathrooming out there. Unless someone's allergic to cats and wanted to whine, I can't see a reason for them to tattle on me... I mean, I'm not doing anything persecutable, right?

Bah. These are the same people who leave their recycle bins out front for three weeks at a time. I worry not! Yeah, that's it. :P

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