I would like to take a moment to inform you all of what I did last night.

I finished work and went to the gym for a bit. I came home, pestered the cat a little and took a shower. Then, I went into the bedroom to use the computer. When I was in there, I eventually heard weird noises from the living room, so I went out to see what mischief Thena was up to.

Instead of a bad cat, I discovered a leak in the ceiling. There had been one in the bathroom back in the fall, but it was fixed up. I called my landlord, he said it might be until Friday or Monday that he could get someone in to fix it, because his guy was out of town. I guess my lack of, "That's okay!" kinda got through to him, 'cause he said he'd see what he could do.

He called me back about five minutes later, said the people above me had flooded their shower the week prior, but that was it. He asked me how the leak was, and I said it was up to two places by now, which was true. He said he'd have someone in there tomorrow, it sounded like a burst pipe, and asked me if it was okay to bring someone in the next day. I approved it, and that was that.

About an hour later he called back to see how things were, I said we were up to about five leaks now, and he reaffirmed that someone would be in tomorrow to deal with it.

There are about three spots where water is coming out of the ceiling fairly steadily. I actually took the recycle box that was out in front of the building for over three weeks and pressed it into service as an overnight water-catcher. My garbage can (a smallish size) had overflowed during the night and my carpet is distinctly soggy in some places (i.e., the middle of the collection of various water-catchers). All in all, I am using two (three?) bowls, a rubber-maid type container, a garbage can, a recycle box, and a leftover litter container for catching water. Life in my apartment is great.

Needless to say, Thena was fairly rangy all evening and this morning. I know she's probably quite stressed by all of this, and the people coming in today to do repairs aren't going to help, I'm sure. I've left her locked up in my bedroom, 'cause there's no way I would leave her to run around the apartment and potentially get underfoot, not to mention that I don't feel assured that the people working there would be careful coming and going -- there's way too high a chance that she could get out and get hurt.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, shortly before all of this began, there was a fire of some sort in the apartment building across the street from me, and half of my street was filled with fire trucks, vans and assorted fire-related people, including tenants. There was one fireman in front of my door who was fairly cute, actually. I only stood outside long enough to confirm that they were working on another building and that my leak was unrelated to their fire, which it was. Then I later thought, "If there was a fire in the apartment above me, they'd evacuate me, too." I'm not always very bright, I have to admit. :)

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