Well, I am not at work today, and so I don't have to worry about someone reading over my shoulder -- except the cat, but this morning she's way more interested in biting me than reading what I type. And now she's just thrown my mouse down behind my computer. *sigh* The set up of my desk is such that it would be easier to send her down to retrieve it than for me to get it... however, she likes to cause trouble, not undo it.

Anyhow, this was just me saying that I will be updating this sometime later. :)

Damn cat. Every time I reach under to try to see if I can find the mouse, she attacks me. Argh!

Oh yes, and she's already made me bleed twice this morning (in the space of about five minutes) and has added about five new scratches to the ones that were nearly healed. However, since it's now time for her to spazz out at a spot on the wall, hopefully she will be distracted for a bit. As for me, I'm off to watch season 6 of Buffy for a bit, or maybe some more Gilmore Girls. Yesterday's season finale was quite good.

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