It amazes me the search things people will use... and that turn up this site:

Last 20 Searchengine Queries Unique Visitors

19 Jun, Sat, 05:20:11 MSN Search: ways a boss would flirt with you
19 Jun, Sat, 11:11:34 Google: speeches to taost the bride and groom
19 Jun, Sat, 19:05:35 Yahoo: child porn kitty fuck
19 Jun, Sat, 20:04:48 Yahoo: kitty litterbox beginning train
19 Jun, Sat, 20:55:27 Google: "james marsters" testicles
21 Jun, Mon, 03:13:42 Google: boudoir party
21 Jun, Mon, 22:35:13 MSN Search: repiercing your navel
21 Jun, Mon, 23:57:08 Google: ottawa lesbian jen m
22 Jun, Tue, 11:18:33 Google: "one of the boys" +lyrics +"debbie reynolds"
22 Jun, Tue, 11:57:03 Google: home stare runner.com
22 Jun, Tue, 17:09:52 Google: furby CAA
22 Jun, Tue, 18:33:02 MSN Search: "The Post-it Always Sticks Twice" quotes
22 Jun, Tue, 18:58:15 MSN Search: vibrators paypal accepted
22 Jun, Tue, 19:50:03 Google: "generation slut"
23 Jun, Wed, 03:06:04 Google: Eiram
23 Jun, Wed, 03:18:56 Google: thomas jefferson napped refreshed sleep
23 Jun, Wed, 06:14:16 Google: "fat pizza" "dutch subtitles" "download"
23 Jun, Wed, 08:23:26 Google: d12 purple pills explanation
23 Jun, Wed, 12:11:54 Yahoo: repiercing a navel with scar tissue

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