Okay, so, did I or did I not make a decent-sized post here the other day, detailing the last few days? It appears to have disappeared, and I for one am confused.

Am I on crack, or what? I know it didn't display for me at work, but now it's not even in my list of posts that I've written. I'm lost, and not just 'cause I spent the last half-hour or so sleeping. Maybe longer. Yes, I'm at work still.

In other news, this apparently marks my 1,150th post. Yay me. :) I've written over 800,000 words to this site. Admittedly, not all of it is original content, but still. I know I'm impressed. :)

I'm not too fond of this new Blogger interface, I have to admit. It seems to take longer for posts to appear. *grumble*

Anyhow, now I'm off to go home. :)

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