So the secret to getting people to comment on your blog is to debate controversial issues -- abortion, religion, politics, homosexuality, gay rights... But what of Thena? Does no one want to hear tales of my kitten attacking the water when I turn on the tub, or of snorting water when I turn the tap on just slightly for her? (She stuck her head under it and was trying to lick it, but kept getting water up her nose and snorting... it was funny).

I went out for my running class yesterday and felt pretty gross in my apartment afterwards. I had enough time before he was due over to call D and ask him to pick me up a fan. *grin* He did, and it made my apartment much more bearable, although I have to think that Thena didn't much enjoy it. Either that, or she's getting annoyed with me for not wanting to cuddle her when she wants it, before my alarm -- she spends her mornings biting my feet, arms and hands now. I wouldn't have thought the breeze was that bad on her, since it seemed to be focused on the outer edge of the bed, but maybe she's just getting cranky now that she's getting near 'maturity.' Damn cat.

Stupid work! Argh!

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