We have a title...

Harry Potter book six is going to be called "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince." J.K. Rowling has said that the Half Blood prince is neither Harry nor Lord Voldemort.

I live to enlighten.

In other news, I do have the new apartment as of August 1st, I just have to fill out the paperwork this afternoon (have to do it from my yahoo account, which I don't have access to here), and send that in. Anyone who's around the last weekend of July (the 31st and August 1st, the Sunday) is welcome to join me in moving fun. ;)

Also, once I move into this place, I plan on having movie screenings; I have a great deal of MSTs that need going through, for example, and for a change I'll have the space to accomodate everyone. Wahoo. :) You just have to be able to tolerate my kitten, which shouldn't be a big deal. She's a sweetie, really. ;)

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