Why I love my kitten:

This morning, I was doing the media monitoring, so I had to be at work for 6:30, meaning a 5:00 a.m. wake up.

Thena decided that 5:00 a.m. wouldn't work for her, so she woke me up around 20 to 5 for a cuddle. I gave her a bit of one, then dozed until my alarm went off, whereby she settled in for her serious cuddle -- a good fifteen minutes.

I did my computer routine, then it was off to the shower. Apparently I spent too long in there, for as soon as I pulled the curtain aside, Thena leapt into my arms. I saw it coming and took a step back so that I caught her, rather than have her land on my back. She wound up somewhat soggy, but had fun licking some of the water off of me, as she'll often do after a shower. Having a kitten lick your shins or toes is tickly.

I head off to work, then shortly after lunch come back home to change and head out to a former coworker's wife's funeral (did you follow that?). About the only appropriate formal wear I had was a long black skirt with a long slit up the middle, so I decided to give my legs a quick shave. I stripped down to underwear and a bra, and sat on the edge of the tub, shaving.

Thena then leapt from the toilet to my back (not that far a leap, trust me; you can practically shower and pee -- sitting down -- at the same time in my bathroom) and perched on my shoulders. She amused herself by snapping my bra, while she sat on my back and I shaved my legs. Oh, she's a special one, indeed.

I came home from the funeral and decided to treat myself to gelatto. I haven't had real ice cream in probably close to a year, and I rarely have any frozen treats, what with trying to avoid hardcore dairy and so on. I came home, got a big glass of water, and sat at my computer consuming both. Thena was fascinated by the gelatto, but more so by the water glass, as is her way. Normally she likes to tip them over, mainly 'cause she can't tell how much water is in them, or it's not high enough for her to drink from. Today, she just stuck her head in the glass and started drinking away. She even managed to do it without getting water up her nose and snorting it back out again. Props to you, Thena.

And let's not forget her moment of brilliance from a moment ago -- while I sat, typing this up, she was busy playing with her mouse on my bed. Well, my bed is a bit far out from the wall (my attempt to keep the frost from rotting the mattress and so on), and so she slid down between the wall and the bed. DIdn't faze her a bit, of course. She's tough.

Oh yeah, and she's been biting again. Let's not forget the evil, oh no. That hasn't changed.

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