Ben and I went out to the martini bar tonight to see an acquaintance of ours spin. The blogging world is fun.

Anyhow, I ran into Markuk while there, and I had a grand total of three chocolate martinis (theirs also came with Cointreau, but I only tasted that in the final drink). I am in love with the chocolate martinis -- this bartender mixed them very nicely, and there was a selection of chocolate chips at the bottom of the glass for later. Ben even had one of these drinks and then he foisted his chocolate chips off on me, which was both bad and good -- bad because I shouldn't be drinking/eating junk like this, but good because I hadn't had supper.

I like martinis. They're a surprise build; first you're sober, then you have a few, and whoops! before you know it, you're drunk. Or if you're me, you're fine and then you're drunk.

But I'm fine. I will, of course, hate Markuk tomorrow, since he bought me my third drink, and here I am posting at quarter after 11, when I'm waking up at 5 a.m. tomorrow... I think, however, that if I ask my boss if I can leave early because I'm hungover (although I won't be, 'cause I rarely drink enough to be hungover, just exhausted), he'll be amused.

Argh. I have to make it until at least noon, 'cause that's when the goodbye party for my coworker is taking place, and I didn't get him a card like I said I would. I'm a bad person.

Anyhow, it's not getting any earlier, and the alarm clock is still set for 5... I hate my life. :P

Oh yeah, forgot to mention; as I walked home, I passed by a couple of beggars. I gave my usual apology (despite the $1000 I was carrying, story on that later), and they said I looked really nice tonight, and to "stop killing the guys." I thanked them and told them, "If only" and continued on my merry way.

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