Margh. I am bored.

I have speeches to review, so I shall spend time doing that. Or at least trying to force my brain to do it. My coworker's email asked to "Please lets[sic] touch base daily, for progress updates etc." Urgh. I promise I will have nothing new from one day to the next -- it makes me happy that I'm working wonky hours and as such, will not be available after the early afternoon. Postpone it a day or so. :)

The weird thing about my current job (speech coordinator, for those of you playing at home), is that there are many times in conversation with various coworkers or contractors that some part of my brain takes a step back every now and then and is amazed at the fact that I sound like I know what I'm talking about. It's even more impressive when it comes to my talking about legislative process. Now, as a disclaimer, I only know 0.000001% of legislative process, but it's about the passage of bills in the Houses, and not everyone knows about that. Or at least, not everyone has to worry about it. And granted, I only know it as is pertains to speeches; the rest of it, I know nothing about. :)

My abs are somewhat sore, too, from my workout with my trainer yesterday. My upper body has some soreness to it, but nothing prohibitive. I have running tonight and Thursday night, and then that's done, except for runs I might undertake on my own. I'd kinda like to keep it up; I find that when I run late at night and with music, when I want to run (instead of when it's scheduled), my endurance is better and I enjoy it more. If such a thing can be described as "enjoyable"...

I had some weird dream last night that I can't really recall. All I know is that Thena woke me out of it, looking for attention. She was cute last night -- she crashed on my bed around 9:00 or so, when I was eating my supper and watching videos on my computer. I don't know if it was from the extra noise on the street or not, but she was just worn out, it seems.

I spent some time yesterday reading about Easter Eggs in various books and video games, and it got me wanting to do some console gaming. I have Warcraft III and Starcraft currently available on my system (everything else is packed up), and then some minor games from Popcap and so on. I also got Commander Keen up and running again, so I have 7 games there. It's been years since I've played Keen 4 (the only one I really had), and it's funny how much stuff still has stuck in my brain for it.

Hrm. I really want to write something, maybe even contribute a short story to a contest I saw recently (deadline August 1st, but I can make it!), but I have no ideas. Anyone want to throw out some random words or ideas and I'll see what I can do? Lots of people, help! :)

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