Not good...

My landlord (and/or his brother) was showing off my apartment yesterday. I have two doors, one out onto the main street from the living room, and the other from the bedroom out onto the deck/back area where there's parking and the laundry area.

Both doors have deadbolts on them, and my dad installed an extra lock thingy on my backdoor -- it doesn't take a key, and it can't be put on when you leave from that door, but it's meant as extra protection if you're in the room. I'll do a hunt and see if I can't turn it up later.

Anyhow, I just happened to notice that that part of the lock wasn't engaged, so I went to put it on... and at the same time, I noticed that the deadbolt wasn't on and my door wasn't even fully shut (they've both swollen a little in the heat, so they require an extra little push to completely latch shut). Now, every time my landlord has shown the building, I know he's shown that back door 'cause anything I put in front of it gets moved out of the way, so I'm going to blame the brother on this, but it's kinda troubling that I slept all night with that door unlocked and even somewhat open. My backyard area does get non-tenant traffic because it's also the access point for another parking area for a business on a street over... urgh.

Two and a half more weeks, then I'm out.

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