Okay, so I bought a new bed yesterday, and I was very proud. :)

Last night I joined Ben et al for a showing of The Triplets of Belleville; it very much wasn't what I expected, but it was still pretty fun. There was a bit of gentle mocking, but I think it was enjoyed by all.

On my way out the door, Ben and I started talking and that went on longer than expected, especially when a few of the others joined us at the door, and long story short, I wound up having to walk for an hour, then wait for 15 minutes to catch a bus to get me home. Needless to say, I don't feel much less sore today. My hamstrings hate me. :)

Today it's back to work (yes, on a Sunday -- different job), then tomorrow is back to the full-time job that keeps my bank accounts full(ish). Urgh. I don't really want to go, but then again, it's not like I was accomplishing a whole lot with my time off. Mostly just socializing, watching movies, and hanging out with the kitten. I did laundry, so that was a plus on the week -- too bad I didn't get any packing done, though.

Thena seems to be adjusting to the fan a bit more now. Of course, she does stand up and attack it, even as it's moving, but it doesn't seem to make her any more crazed in the mornings than she already is. Last night she was jumping up to the top of my dresser to haul down jewelry that I have there, which was both surprising and annoying; she's turning into quite the jumper.

Yesterday on the bed quest I was also looking at other furniture. My parents' neighbour is giving me a few pieces (sidetables, coffee table, leather chair with footstool), and I get to take my old dresser from home, which is nice. It means a lot more room for my underwear and gym clothes and so on. Plus, I have the two dressers I have here, so one can get turned into storage for crafts and so on, and the other can be storage for extra clothes. Having a second bedroom is going to be awesome, whether it gets turned into a dungeon or not. *laugh*

It's weird to think that in two and a half weeks I'm going to be moving. Gah. Hopefully though, I'll manage to get my ass in gear early enough (like making all the phone calls tomorrow) that the move itself will be relatively smooth.

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