Okay, so I've sucked it up and put up a temporary template. Don't get too used to it, it's going soon.

There are many things I'm not too fond of with the options available in Blogger, including the displaying of a profile, the mt-style listing of headings, the oversize font (for all of my older readers?) and so on and so on. Anyhow, I'm working on a new template for now, in between the packing, working, gymming, loafing and sleeping that comprises the rest of my schedule. I just didn't want anyone going into withdrawal, you see.

Thena's been helping me pack, which tends to involve peeling the tape off of the flattened boxes (and leaving it in my bed), chewing on the edges of the boxes, or occasionally investigating one to ensure that it's considered safe. As you can imagine, she's been a big help. Very big.

I took her outside on her leash yesterday so that she could enjoy the nice weather and investigate the little patch of lawn that the city was kind enough to return, following the extensive renovations that have been done to my street. She had no fear whatsoever, didn't seem bothered at all by the different textures or anything. She ate a bit of grass, ran inside when really loud vehicles passed (like the mini-pack of motorcycles), and didn't seem particularly concerned when the large dog passed by. He didn't take much interest in her, either.

I did get to hear her talk to a bug, though. That's always entertaining to hear. :)

In the very beginning of all of my extensive (hah!) packing, I've come to the conclusion that I own way too many books. In actuality, I feel there's no such thing, but in practice, seeing the number of boxes that were devoted in their entirety or majority to books, I have to ... I don't know, really. Maybe I should really work on reading what I have instead of my constant acquisition of more. :P

Ah well... I packed up the majority of my books (I first typed 'boobs' there -- Stefan is confusing me!), VHSes, DVDs and games. I packed up a few other minor things, and so now my front nook looks a little empty. Most of the boxes are currently stacked at the foot of my bed, in front of my back door, and Thena thinks it's a wonderful sleeping area/perch for her. I had to put my afghan over the boxes to stop her from peeling the tape off of them. :P

She's also been using the tops of my bookcases in the living room as her perches. I think the packing was stressing her out, since she flopped down on the smaller one and tried to go to sleep. This was after she spent awhile attacking me, of course.

What else? Well, I spent some time in IKEA yesterday with Mom. We managed to get pretty much everything we went there for: two new kitchen chairs, a CD/DVD cabinet, a dresser, a nighttable, some lamps (with shades), and some other miscellaneous crap. Mom wouldn't let me buy a bookcase, and I didn't get a TV stand yet, but there's no rush on those. I also picked up a little toy for Thena, since she's taken to stealing some of my stuffed animals and running around with them. Damn cat.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the way things are shaping up, but also very very broke. In good news, my landlord has rented the place out for August 1st, so that means that I get my July rent cheque back. He even called me about it, so I didn't have to argue about it, which I'd kinda feared I might.

I also found out last week that I have to renew my training sessions. Urgh, urgh, urgh. I just finished paying off the last set, and now I have to fork out the money again. I talked to my trainer about it (just online so far), and we're going to cut back to once a week so I can save money a bit. Instead, she's going to give me a program to do on Wednesdays (which is when she and I usually met). This gives me a bit of flexibility in my gym schedule now, since I can do something like meet with her on Mondays, then socialize on Wednesdays and go to the gym on Fridays or something, since Friday plans typically start late anyhow.

Of course, if I socialize on Wednesdays then I won't be able to hit the Wednesday yoga class I was going to, but there are other classes (although that's currently the only yoga one) and so on. I'll figure something out, I'm sure.

It's weird, now that I can see results from having worked out and whatnot, I kinda want to do more of it, or at least just be crazy in shape right now. No more waiting. :)

Okay, time for lunch, I think; I don't feel especially hungry, but I gotta eat. Hopefully I'll have the new template up today and you won't have to deal with this one for very long. :)

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