So yesterday I was screwing around on expedia.ca, trying to see what kinds of costs might be involved in a trip to Europe if I were to pre-book everything and stay at hotels, and I started whining to Shawn and Jay about how I was bored and how I wanted to send a totally outraged letter of complaint to online booking sites about how they wouldn't let me book a date that was in the past. Especially a date that was in the past by say, one day, and the letter itself had the current date on it. Since Shawn's all full of awesome and so on, here's what he drafted for me:
"To Whom It May Concern,
 I was interested in booking a flight for July 14, but it would seem that your website makes this impossible for me.  A minor technical oversight on your part, perhaps, but nonetheless a major disappointment one for anyone looking to save some time by booking a very early flight!
 I am, suffice to say, outraged.  I have enough stress in my life (kids, bills, next door neighbor, the Liberals being re-elected) without having to put up with a service that doesn't work properly for me when I am trying to book a flight in a crunch!  Furthermore, I am going to be boycotting your one-dimensional, linear thinking by telling my friends and family members to find another method of travel altogether.
Shawn MacLean   
July 15, 2004"
My friends are awesome, especially when they share my insanely stupid sense of humour. :)

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