*Sweet!* I stand a chance still with James Marsters!

From his official website, JamesMarsters.com, I present to you the following FAQ statement:

"How old is James, and when's his birthday?
Can't answer that first part - depending on what source you choose to believe, somewhere between 28 and 39. Go figure. James' birthday is August 20th."


"Is James single?
To quote the man himself: "James is negotiating the waters of singlehood. But I'm having a lot of fun.""

I guess I'm not a dirty little pervert after all, lusting after an older man. ;)


I turned this up: "James Wesley Marsters was born in Greenville, CA on August 20 1969, meaning he's a mere 31 years old and it was his birthday a couple of weeks ago (although that partly depends on when you're reading this)."

Still not bad. :) Although, IMDb has him born in 1962, with the same birthday and place... so who knows how old he really is, just like that link says. Maybe it's 1972. ;)

And as an aside... his abs and so on aren't all due to air-brushing, like some bitter people I could mention like to claim. I read about his workout regimen, and it's pretty apparent that that 6-pack and those arms are all him. *drool*

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