Marglebarggleblaggleiflep poop.

At least I made it through most of this week before the late days started setting in. Stupid job.

Went out to Pho last night with the semi-usual crowd. Stefan was there, which was cool. I was a bit late, so I got stuck at the end of the table and felt totally out of everything. I tried to tell my bunny humping story, but kept getting interrupted and totally lost the flow. As the evening wore on, I felt more and more up in my head and divorced from everything and kept trying to figure out my feelings on life, the universe and everything... no real success.

After Pho was bubble tea, and while there, Andrea and I got a great laugh going -- well, just between the two of us. It made some people at the table paranoid, and probably rightly so -- but for the wrong reasons. Funny inside joke, next we shall be going out all whorey to a bar for fun and booze. And gossip. Lots of gossip. :)

Urgh. So annoyed with these stupid enhanced CDs. All I want to do is put the CD in the drive and play the music. If I wanted video and poor quality handling, I'd ask for it, yes?

Also annoyed with people asking me to do things for them that they can do, especially when their excuse for not doing it is that they are too busy. And I'm not? I'm busy enough with my crap, let alone being the media monitoring person, let alone your crap. Fuck off.

Anyhow, wandered over to the bus with Ben and Eric and chatted a bit with them. Nothing special or whatnot, but entertaining nonetheless. Lots of communication took place last night with people in very subtle manners -- facial expressions, sotto voce lines of dialogue, and so on. I always love when that happens, but it's all the more entertaining when it happens a lot, and with different people.

Ben went on a bit about how wonderful he thinks all of his friends are, and how fascinating -- I said I was fascinating like a microbe, or he suggested a spore, I think. I'm like the crazy, unpredictable monkey in the zoo that people study to see what it'll do next. It won't be smart, it won't make sense, but it'll do it, and then leave others to figure out why.

On that note... stupid headspace. I want, but I don't. I know that it wouldn't work, but there's the catnip factor. And the laughing, and the comfort level and the getting along well and all sorts of things... overall, just not the best. If only there was some switch, some way of changing it all, that would be great. I suppose I always have the option of moving away. :P

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