I keep this site to embarrass people. As such, I present to you the following conversation:

He: What not with this chick? :) Getting to see bits? *sigh*
He: You still there? You left.
He: Gone!
Me: Sorry about that, all of my IE applications spontaneously shut down. :P
He: Out of self-defence, no doubt. :)
He: No bits-talking over government machines! They're young and impressionable. :)
He: I suppose I'll live without ever seeing them.
But if you die before me, I'm taking a peek in the casket.
He: ;)
Me: That is easily the creepiest thing you've ever said... and so, it will be immortalized.
He: *grin* Nonono!
He: Ewwwww! :)
He: You immortalize this, and I'll post all the stuff you said about David Hasselhoff.
Me: You'd have to invent that. I don't have to invent this.
He: *evilgrin*
He: The leader of the free world invents stuff all the time!

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