The last 24-hours or so have been... interesting, to say the least.

Yesterday I managed to get out for our weekly Pho night. I'd confused myself by thinking that I had a training session last night, but it was this week my trainer's in Mexico. So, I did a half hour of cardio, realized she wasn't there, then decided to go out and socialize for a change.

After the majority of us had finished up and were just sitting around insulting one another, I happened to look up and see my friends S and male N. I hollered across the restaurant at them, which isn't nearly as disruptive as it sounds, given that this place is about the size of my apartment at best and the width of the place is maybe 20 feet, if even, and we marvelled at the odd coincidence of us all being there at once. As we were gettin ready to leave, I noticed that a guy sitting at a nearby table looked familiar, and as it turns out, I was right -- it was the guy who hosted the BBQ I attended with Big A two weeks ago, who happens to be a workmate/friend of my friend R. I don't think he was too impressed by my interrupting his date, but... tough. ;)

Anyhow, we went for Bubble tea after that, and S and N met up with us shortly. They wound up sitting at the opposite end of the table, so it was up to my other friends to entertain them, but it seemed to go well. Towards the end of the night, Stefan took the giant straws out of the drinks and cut them to form annoying little musical instruments. I tried the same with my smaller straw, and it sometimes worked -- but N and Stefan managed to get a real chorus going with their straws. I thought we were going to get tossed, but the waitress was asking them how they'd managed to do it, and brought over more straws so they could do more.

Brief bash moment:
* Oz pops a tiny green mint, watches a Chevy Chase movie about golf, and signs a mortgage to a pig.
Oz: With a Tic-Tac, Caddyshack, give a hog a loan...
Oz: This old ban sent troller home!

So that was last night's weirdness... this morning, when I got up and checked my email, there was an email from one of the last people I would've expected to hear from -- E. Some of you may remember him from last year, when I was dating D and E at the same time, then E ended things, saying that he didn't care about me anymore and felt he should. When I tried to send him an email, apologizing for having acting weird after he ended things, he mocked it to A, so I decided he was an idiot from there on out -- as are many of the men I've dated, i.e., most. According to the email, he was off camping with some friends, talking about women, my name came up, and I've been on his mind since... and that was a few weeks ago.

Huh. Huh. Huh. And again, I say, Huh.

I replied, telling him what I've been up to, and my attitude to it at the moment is one of, "Well, I'm being cautious, but I have to admit to being curious as all *hell* as to what this is all about." The sad thing about how things ended between us is he's someone who's said some of the sweeter things to me. He listed a few of them one time: saying that he was busy thinking about me and had a pot of water boil dry on the stove; that he was busy staring at me and walked into a display at the book store; and a few other examples of his thinking about me causing him to do dumb things. No one had ever said that kind of thing to me before, so it was pretty touching.

For the life of me, I'll *never* understand guys. Ever.

Aside from the whole penis thing, but that's just plain easy. Just like men. *ba-dump* Yeah, if only.

(Quasadu) i'm the kind of guy who, when i accidentally see myself naked in the mirror, i think "my god if i saw that in the woods i'd shoot it and run back to the car"

What else? Not too much, really. A friend of mine, JJ, stopped by the other night and we chatted for a bit. It was from him that I learned that I come off as very bi/lesbian, and willing to try things at least once. *shrug* The first part makes me giggle, the second part is true, I'll admit it. I do have to feel right about trying something with whomever suggests it, but otherwise, it's fairly true. :)

As I've gotten older, I've been trying to develop a real willingness to take chances. I mean, who's to say that that boy isn't possibly interested in me unless I try, right? I always feel I win people over with my personality way more than my looks, so why not give it a chance to work? :) I think I'm also managing to be a bit more open, too. I'm trying to say things that I think, and not just the hurtful things. ;)

I've also determined that, for some reason or another, 24 is going to be a good year for me. Maybe in a year's time I'll rescind that, but I see no real reason why it can't be. *shrug*

Anyhow, off to go home and poke at the cat. She hasn't gotten enough attention from me the last few days, and it's fun to throw things down the hall and watch her slide into the electric baseboards in the bedroom. She's figured out how to slide on the floors (which is funny to watch); she just doesn't always time the start of her skid quite right. Then again, it's usually a soft hit, so maybe she is.

The troubling thing is that, after a few of these throws, she starts panting. I think my poor kitty's out of shape! :(

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