Man, this place really does suck my will to write. Or work, or do much of anything, really. I wonder if I could work from home? Such a dream, except for the beasts.

So, details about my new little monster. First of all, she is an absolute doll, just a total sweetheart. Her shelter name is Venus, but I'm not sure if I want to keep that. She's supposed to be about 3-4 months old, but she's small enough that I'd be inclined to say she's really 3 months or a bit younger. She's medium-haired, and all black, although she has these stray long hairs that are white. It'll be interesting to see how her coat changes when she gets bigger -- after all, Thena didn't have the little white patch on her stomach until she was about 5 months old or so.

So far she's fairly quiet, although she's starting to get more comfortable and express herself more -- last night, when I came home after having been at Mark and Ben's, I cuddled with Thena for a bit in the living room and I could hear the insistent little kitten voice from the bedroom, demanding to be let in on the party. :) That's part of what got me to pick her up at the humane society -- this demanding little kitten climbing the cage door, poking at me and mrehing loudly. See, I was originally going to get a male cat, but they said there that Thena was young enough still that she'd likely be okay with a new female, and this kitten was one of the first ones I actually seemed to connect with, so... it's an estrogen-filled household, it is. :)

Anyhow, she sleeps on my bed at night, near my feet, and doesn't wake me up in the middle of the night -- or if she does, it isn't nearly as consistently as Thena used to, using me as a bloody springboard... urgh. It's probably because Thena was only about 6 weeks old when I got her, whereas this little one is older than that, plus they have different personalities. *shrug*

First encounters between the two cats involved a fair bit of staring and hissing on Thena's part. Plus, any time the kitten would move away, Thena would follow rather quickly -- and raise a paw, ready to whap. Now, there's still the following, but it seems to go a bit more both ways, and there's equally whapping between cats. Thena gets a bit too into the fighting sometimes, and she's bitten the little one, but if that happens I separate them ... often Thena turns and bites me then, but I just take her away until she's calmed down.

And of course, I keep them apart at night and when I'm not home. *shrug* I am glad, though; I have high hopes that this will work out without too much bloodshed on either side.

Aside from that, the weekend was relatively quiet. Some socializing, some dropping Mom off at the airport (woohoo, car!), some working (urgh), some gym time that has left me with sore muscles since... Weird how I can apparently push myself and yet feel weak at the same time. Go figure.

Also been emailing back and forth a bit with E, which has been interesting. I was initially skeptical and so on, and I'm still not 100% on it, but so far things seem fairly genuine. We shall see what happens -- and if nothing else, I'm finding it's fairly healing to be able to say, "You acted like a jerk and that pissed me off" or words to that effect.

Mind you, I also have this forum. ;)

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