Okay, so, still no word as of yet. The morning phone call got delayed, and now I have one after my big meeting, at 3:45. Still nervous, despite having been assured that "it's good news, it's a good thing." Who knows, maybe I'll wind up doing media calls? Speech writing? No clue. Not reassured until I find out more.

In other news, I've been listening to musicals today, 'cause that's the mood I'm in, and I want to dance around, singing, "I feel pretty" or songs from Music Man. I have to get the Music Man soundtrack. It's a need.

Also, ran into Andrea yesterday in EB, as I was picking up my copy of Sims 2 (oh yes, there are more people for me to kill now). She and I vented somewhat, and I got to learn that some plans that had been ongoing for ages had been changed -- of course, I forget how she found out, and I found out from her. Needless to say, neither of us are terribly impressed, and it's just going into my little experiment, so to speak.

Beyond that, psyched about WritersFest, especially as I realized that it's taking place next week and not this one, and therefore won't interfere with my plans for this week, which is a bit of a relief. I'm making more of an effort to go out to the events this year, despite now living further away than I did before. I feel as though I'm lacking in direction, and I'm hoping this is a good start.

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