Yet another moment where life makes me go huh. Just got a phone call from the Professor, completely out of the blue. No idea what's up with that.

Big A took Thena and I to the emergency vet last night. I'd been worried because she stopped eating, and I didn't want it to get to be just before my shift on Sunday when I absolutely had to take her in, so we went. She still had a fever, but she was pretty active in fighting the doctor's taking her temperature, so that was a good sign. He gave her an injection to help bring down her fever, and I have the same medication to keep giving her (plus the antibiotics from before). Once I got her home last night, she went straight to the food dish and started eating; just the baby food, but still, she's eating, which is a start.

Today is the same story -- not touching the cat food, but eating the baby food. She seems a bit more active again; she meows when I'm at the refrigerator, and was moving around a bit more. At the vet's, I let her wander the room a little while the vet and I were talking, and at one point she jumped up onto the table, came over to me and just put a paw up on my shoulder -- total "hold me" language, which I thought was absolutely awesome. She and I spent most of Saturday afternoon -- when I was home -- just sitting together, her curled up in my lap or with her paws on my shoulder, being held. I guess this helps erase all doubt; my cat actually does love me.

The one troubling thing the vet mentioned, and the thought had crossed my mind; the fact that she's been hit so hard by this could mean that she has feline leukemia. I need to get her tested for it, and I'm really hoping the test turns up negative. It's just not a good thing that she's been hit so hard by what should be a fairly simple upper respiratory infection -- kind of the cat equivalent of a cold or flu. At the same time, the vet said that people don't usually bounce back super-quick from the flu, and so her recovering a little slowly isn't a total surprise.

So... I'm just hoping that she's like people in that every now and then we get a cold that really lays us low; it doesn't mean that we're HIV+, it just means that every now and then our immune systems suck. After all, it was fairly stressful for her to have the kitten here, and that's a comprising thing to the immune system; I'm sure that the way I integrated them wasn't necessarily the best way, either.

So, there's another Thena update. Yesterday morning my mom and I did insane power-shopping; I basically spent all of the money I have in my chequing account buying new clothes, shoes, and a purse (that I got for less than $20 when it retails for $60 -- it pays to know people). I bought three tops, three skirts, two pants, three blazers... and all of this in an effort to look more professional at work. I could tell the saleslady worked on commission, though; she brought over a decent number of expensive items, including a blazer that was $240 (and of course, very nice), whereas my mom was going through the sales racks and picking out some nice things. The lady wasn't pushy, by far though -- it just amused me that she wasn't looking at my jeans/sleeveless cotton top/worn-out sandals outfit and bringing the really cheap items. :)

Shopping, home with the cats, baking, emergency, then I met up with my friends for the last leg of the birthday activities that were going on for my friend. At the end of the night, we decided to see if we could get three people spooning on R and N's couch, and we succeeded; it might've been a bit easier because male N and I aren't nearly as tall as OFK is, but it was surprisingly comfortable. I was also feeling weirdly hyper but not, and was spending time fake punching N and so on. Madeleine kept correcting my fists, 'cause she says I'm going to break my thumbs, which is likely true -- the only thing is that the fake nails kept getting in the way and feeling wrong.

Anyhow, time to go poke Thena a bit, and get her moving around some more. Venus, on the other hand, feels great and wants all sorts of attention, especially when she sees the attention Thena's getting. Little pest. :)

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