Gah. Busy week, no updating.

Recap: Tuesday night Tallboy and I went to see Shark Tale. Decent movie, I've seen funnier. Wednesday morning it was decided we'd just be friends. Bleah, sucky, but what can you do? Tuesday night I was looking at him and thinking, "Am I in this because of him, or because of the situation?" And the fact that I didn't really feel much of anything during the talk meant that it seemed to be the situation.

Wednesday night I went to the gym, then Markuk came over and we shared some red wine and sorta watched tv. I say sorta 'cause we mostly talked through it. Thursday was getting together with S, N and Markuk for drinks, which became dinner, which then became hot chocolate/dessert and more talking.

Friday I went shopping after work; I met up with OFK and T, and we picked up wedding gifts, and I got a dress and new shoes for the wedding. We went back to my place for some food, then over to JW and AM's for DDR (enough acronyms yet?) and general hanging out. N started giving me a backrub, then got distracted by a story he was telling that used his hands, so JJ took over -- and he has strong hands. I was surprised. He was also playing with pressure points, and that was kinda interesting and different -- a sort of, "this is almost too painful and I want to stop it but now it's getting to be not so bad..." Pretty cool. I wound up stretching out on the couch, using someone's thigh (OKF?) for a pillow (who traded with N at some point), and sorta dozing. I went home, patted the kitties and went to bed.

Saturday I was supposed to have boxing class, but the other girls in it had to back out, so my trainer and I just worked out for a bit. I got home and got ready for the wedding, and then we were off. The ceremony was really pretty, and everyone looked great. Apparently now I cry at weddings -- I remember tearing up during Greg and Madeleine's, and I was doing the same this time around.

Dinner was pretty good; I was joking that JJ and I were racing to the bottom of the carafes of wine, since we were the only two at our table drinking, and I was drinking red while he drank white. I wound up drinking ... maybe a little over half the bottle, whereas since he was driving he only had one drink. The wine snuck up on me -- I was sober, then all of a sudden, I was tipsy. I cut myself off at that point, and I sobered up fairly quickly.

Lots of time was spent on the dance floor with my friends, though. I danced like crazy monkeys, and had a great time. The DJ catered the music to the crowd, which was great -- lots of Beatles and oldies mixes at the start of the night, then totally "our" music by the end of the night -- I mean, he played "Black Hole Sun" and so on. It was fun. :) There was dumb to be had involving kicking straight from the ground into the air as high as we could with straight legs (dumb for me, wearing brand-new heels), and at one point N hooked my foot and landed me on the ground, which was great... but I was surprisingly totally uninjured. Apparently working out has done wonderful things for the absorption powers of my immortal ass. :)

There was also portions of the evening spent biting/being bitten, and at one point S accidentally jabbed her finger in my mouth, resulting in a scratched gum, but overall, everyone is fine and a good time was had. :) And of course, we all looked great. If any good pictures of me exist, I'll try to post or link them.

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