I updated The Whore's Boudoir! We shall celebrate!

Today is the first day of the strike, and so far, I'm having a great time. I chatted online with a few people for much of the morning, I ran into my friend Greg on the way into work today and chatted with him (this would be pre-work, but it still counts as a positive), I've cemented plans somewhat for tonight, and it's nice and quiet, so I can focus on what my work is. I promise, I really have done some work. Tragically, just 'cause the rest of us are on strike doesn't mean the Minister has stopped travelling and so on. Jerk. :)

Also, due to a popular request (okay, from Shawn), that made sense and amused me, Tall Guy (TG) will henceforth be known as Tallboy (TB), instead. This way we get to invoke the idea of beer (and tuberculosis) when I discuss him, which will apparently entertain Shawn more than my stories ever could (hah!). Plus, it fits in with the more entertaining nicknames/descriptors that have been around -- the Frog, the Professor -- and so on. For those of you that had always wondered (-1 of you), the Frog was not French, and the nickname did not stem from that. Just for the record.

I was out at the folks' place last night for Thanksgiving dinner. EW, a friend of mine who I've discussed before (girlfriend from long ago), was there, as well as a neighbour of ours that Mom has befriended. Dinner was, as always, quite tasty, and I took vegetables home -- but Dad didn't slice off any turkey to take home. *gasp!* I was sad.

I did, however, get to bring home an old toy chest that was apparently mine, so that's more furniture for the apartment. However, it'll be a great place to put the games and puzzles that, until now, didn't really have a place to live (aside from that cardboard box), and maybe some of my craft stuff, or my skates and roller skates. Roller skates, not roller blades.

This week is shaping up to be another busy one; tonight OFK and I are discussing vacation plans, then I'm meeting up with Tallboy for a show or some such. Tomorrow I'm hopefully, finally, getting some groceries after the gym, and running a few other errands, likely. Another day this week I'm meeting up with a few friends for a drink or two to catch up, Saturday is a wedding and possible birthday plans for Tallboy, and I still have to go shopping for the wedding and that present. Urgh. At least my money situation is starting to shape back up, so I can stop panicking and can actually afford to do things like, say, buy groceries so I can eat.

Something tells me I have plans for Thursday, but since I can't remember what they are, for now I'm going to pretend that nothing is going on. :) I also have to get back to IKEA at some point to return some curtains I bought, buy a new curtain rod to replace the one that I managed to lose (likely in the parking lot of the IKEA), and buy more curtains and rods for other rooms. I actually kinda like the new look of the living room -- the chair's been moved to the other side of the room, a bookcase has moved, and there are curtains up... it's not like much has changed, but it balances the room a bit better. As much as I sometimes hate to admit it (especially after I'd been cranky while it was going on), Mom was right. :)

*And* I managed to get the recycling and garbage all out today, so I am once again without giant amounts of cardboard taking up space. And I've reduced the kitties to one litter box, so they'll stop kicking litter all over that corner of my bedroom. Hah! :) Maybe at some point I'll get a nice arm chair and put it in my bedroom, or even a loveseat or something... or maybe just move the bookcase in there when/if I wind up with the piano.

Yes, that's right, my mom's considering giving me the piano (and keeps plotting where to put it) so that she can free up some space in the living room at home. I wonder if I'd play much if I had it? Maybe I can finally manage to get all the way through the Muppet Show theme. ;)

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