Okay, so the rundown of Friday night.

I was freaking out, 'cause I didn't have/make enough time to edit my stuff, my printer wasn't working, and I was nervous as hell -- combination of having the boy there, and it having been so long since I'd been on stage last.

I got Shawn to print out my stuff and bring it, and he got there later than he'd said, so I was all panicky about that. Jay bought me a drink, and I gotta say -- those chocolate martinis are damned addictive from that place. They come with chocolate chips in the bottom. :) I'd just started eating all of the chocolate chips in the bottom of mine, when they announced that I was first.

S and I had managed to take over a couch and one wall of the upstairs balcony. When I heard my name called, all I said was, "Shit," and started walking -- without looking at any of my friends, just focused on getting through the crowd.

I got up on stage, started adjusting my papers, which took mke what felt like forever, and was made that much more difficult from the shaking hands -- and the shaking feet, which was a new one on me.

I wound up reading just two pieces: "Caught next to a hard plce," and "You did what on my what?!" Slightly modified versions of each, since my stuff isn't written for public reading like that, but they seemed to go over well. Ish. My friends said I did well, and Shawn said he could see a lot of nodding and laughing when I was reading, which was cool. I know I heard some laughing, but it didn't feel like much. However, I was more focused on getting through my stuff and trying not to be boring.

Note to all: easy way to break the ice on a date (if that's even a concern) is to read a piece that has the line, "I love the cock" in it. Not that ice-breaking was needed, and not that it couldn't have backfired horribly, but...

It was weird; in a sense having my friends there, listening, made things almost harder. Here were various people -- such as Jay -- who don't read the Whore's Boudoir, because they find it too personal, or not their style, and here they were, in my cheering section. :)

I wound up talking to the boy throughout a few of the other performers, although we did listen at times, and there was a few performers that we really liked -- one writes for a local alternative weekly paper, and the other I saw last year at writersfest. The evening wrapped up around 10:30, and pretty much everyone disappeared at that point, except for TG (tall guy/the boy), S, D (whom I hadn't seen in years), and myself.

We headed over to another little fancy bar for $4 martinis, and sat on precariously tall stools and talked. We mocked some of the yuppies at the bar, so obviously looking to pick up. Jay called me on my cell phone at one point, and for a change, I won't repeat what he was saying, since I'm not looking to embarrass him... but let's just say that it involved him offering up his and ex-bf J's cocks for our services, if we were interested. :)

Around midnight, TG drove us all home, and he and I chatted a little while longer in my driveway. Things seem to be going well -- both my trainer and I seem to have met good guys with whom we've clicked, around the same time. TG and I have a fair bit in common, we have no problems carrying on a conversation, and the part that I can't seem to get over is that he seems to like me. I've gotten so accustomed to having to insinuate myself with people who are interested enough to want to get in my pants, but not to actually want to date me. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it doesn't seem like it's going to. Or at least, not for awhile. Gah. I don't know... for now, it's good and it's fun and I'm being stupid and so on.

When a guy likes a girl, and it's early on, how much time does he tend to spend thinking about her? I'm curious. This is once again me having a hard time believing that boys like girls the same way that girls like guys. I'm sure it can be true, it's just... my brain is wonky. :)

Saturday I had my boxing class, and I was doing what I could to punch hard. When you've never seriously punched anything or anyone, trying to punch hard is difficult. I seem to be getting better, so people had better watch out. >:)

I also went to the bachelorette party last night, and I had fun, but I also had a headache, so I wound up leaving when we left the first bar (after dinner). I talked to Big A for a bit, then wound up watching some television before going to bed. Both Saturday and Sunday morning the cats woke me up early, and spent much time racing each other back and forth across my bed. So kind of them. Saturday morning also had one of the housing owners or maintenance people coming by (after phoning at 9:30) to do little tasks on the apartment that I've been needing done.

I also spoke to JJ and Jay and found out that ex-bf J was buying Jay drinks, which explained the phone call I received. :)

Today my folks called and announced they were coming by, and we put up some curtains, moved around some furniture, and got 'helped' by the cats. :) Much as I hate to admit it, things look a bit better now in my living room. If only I could keep the damn place clean... but that would entail shaving the cats, to start. :)

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