Margh. I want a nap.

Okay, so, update. Today's been a weird day -- I thought it was going to be a bad one, to be honest.

Last night, I was stuck semi-late at work, finishing things up, and making sure speeches were as far along as they could be before it was time to go. I got a phone call announcing impromptu dinner plans, so I decided to join in on that. NV and I waited near the department store to pick up S and Markuk, and as I was staring out the windshield, who did I espy but Ben, wandering past. I shouted out an 'Oi!' and he came over to say hi before continuing on his way.

We went to a bistro in the fancier part of town, and we all enjoyed a really good meal. After dinner was over, NV (male N) and Markuk decided to spend time trying to throw the dried peas (serving as holders for the flowers on the table) down my shirt, after NV started dropping them in my water. Then it was on to lobbing ice cubes at me, and trying to get those down my shirt... my friends are so kind.

I got dropped off at home, was sick for the evening, then went to bed. This morning is when it gets... different.

So, I overslept (story of my life when I let it be), then on my way to check for mail (which I didn't do last night), I skidded on the downward-sloping driveway beside my apartment, and scraped my knee. Fortunately, my jeans were okay, but my knee hurt. I didn't do too much damage to it, but it still was deep enough to bleed and require some bandaging.

On my way out the door this morning, I check my cell phone and noticed I'd received a text message from an unrecognized number at midnight, asking, "How come I never hear from you?" So I replied with, "Because I have no idea who you are." I got to work, and a little later got, "Sorry, it's [professor]." !!!

So I replied, saying, "I had lost your number - I sent an email to your work, but you never replied." In response, he sent, "Never got it, call you later! Have a good day." I said something in reply about him actually calling me this time, and that's been it. So... cool. Mind you, every time I pretty much figure I won't hear from this guy, I do -- nice timing.

Then, once I got into work and finished telling Shawn the minor excitement that is my life, I wound up in conversation with Ben for awhile, with some very extended explanations and admissions of frustrations -- on both sides, of which I was unaware -- and some tentative plans to get together in the near future. Nothing set in stone, but it's a step in the right direction, I presume. We also discussed Moose, and the lack of contact there's been in that direction and some of my concerns there... urgh.

Today was fairly busy through the morning, then it slowed to a crawl/halt for the afternoon. Actually, it's been essentially dead and now I finally get to go. I'm going to escape before that changes... later. :)

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