Thena's taken to being weird lately. Okay, so this isn't new, but... some mornings, if I'm not careful, she jumps up on my back as I step out of the shower, wrapped in my towel, and starts clawing at the towel. It doesn't hurt me, because she doesn't get through the towel -- and I don't let her -- but it's not exactly a behaviour I want to encourage, either. Not to mention, when she's got her back claws in my back, that doesn't exactly tickle.

But that's not the weird behaviour. Oh no -- her newest thing is to jump, from the ground, onto my back -- but not up on my shoulders or anything quite so fancy. This is almost as if she's trying to piggy-back me, so I wind up having to put one of my arms behind my back to support her butt until I can get someplace where I can actually set her down. I think maybe this is 'cause I haven't been cuddling her as soon as I get home like I usually do, but... maybe she's just a weird cat.

I watched a bunch of the election coverage with some of my friends last night, and although we are politically inclined, you wouldn't have known it from our conversation last night -- it mostly consisted of us mocking everyone who appeared on screen. We primarily trashed the reporters (where *did* they get those scary-looking people?!), but we were also amazed at the really poor camerawork on one of the channels -- NBC? I can't remember.

I can't speak for everyone else, but I enjoyed the Daily Show's coverage. Samantha Bee's piece of trying to ask people for personal information was hilarious, Rob Cordry's talk about how "the voting booth curtain gave him genital warts" was great, and that hour just flew by. After waiting 2 hours to see the show, it sucked that it was over so soon, but worth the wait -- the Reverend Al Sharpton and the other politician he had on (whose name escapes me) were entertaining as hell, too. I like that Jon Stewart's guests seem to have a good sense of humour, and have fun with the show and the host.

Today I am tired, not feeling 100%, and I want to go home and sleep and cross stitch. I don't know if I can get away with doing it, but I want to try. :) I also want people to realize that there is more than one good writer in the world, and maybe shake themselves loose of the old boys' network.

Writing loose always looks weird to me now that I've seen so many people who can't tell the difference between it and lose. I remember having an argument with my best friend when I younger about the difference between loose and lose. I was right. :D

And in my on-going writing about various people in my life without actually identifying them, I present the following:

I miss you, you know. I miss your company, your sense of humour, your presence, and just hanging out with you. It's funny that you're still under my skin, no matter how many times we revisit the same territory, and I know that things wouldn't work out and I'm not trying to make that happen, but... it's funny that you've found a mushy spot in me and have kept it for yourself, whether or not you actually know about it. I want to cuddle with you, even if nothing else were to take place.


I miss hanging out with you. De-hermit yourself, and/or remember your friends (me?), and realize that I'd like to hang out with you, one-on-one.

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