Heh. Just re-read my post from the other night. It's funny how I often feel that I'm stone-cold sober, but when I look back, I can tell that there were things affecting me at the time -- be it booze, exhaustion, or whatever.

I realized the other day that I'm currently closing in on my longest streak of celibacy since I originally lost my virginity. Even before the last time it was fairly spotty... I think I must be losing my appeal as I get older. Either that, or working out doesn't make me pretty. :)

I'm actually starting to get kinda psyched for Christmas. It feels weird to have it on a Saturday, for some reason. I don't know why, but I feel like it should be on a Tuesday or something.

I love making no sense in my conversational patterns sometimes. I wandered over to my boss (and his EA) to ask him who I should talk to about a particular issue for a speech I have to write for the House, and then I segued into talking about Parliamentary Process, and how I was reading about that last week, and some of the weird Private Members' Bills on the website. He asked which ones I thought were weird, so I mentioned the three that I'd bothered to follow up on, including one about how GST should be removed from feminine hygiene products, and the sponsoring MP feels it's a gender-specific tax in this instance. We went from that to wondering if there were any products that were male specific, and he mentioned prostate drugs as a possibility. So the conversation segued into prostate exams and jokes, and after that wrapped up, I immediately said, "Okay, so, (name of person I had to talk to). Great, thanks!" and wandered off as he laughed and I laughed.

We also had our division breakfast this morning, which was kinda nice. Sometimes I prefer breakfast buffets, 'cause they usually have a fair bit of fresh fruit, and you can pick a variety of things. That's one reason I like Cora's -- lots of fresh fruit, which is great for those hangover breakfasts, especially (unlike the greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray that Ben and Moose would espouse).

Last week was hectic and not; plans got rescheduled here and there, so that was okay. Monday was the gym and mini-putt/air hockey with the boy (date 4). Tuesday was taking Venus to the vet and I wound up cancelling the writing group that night so I could stay with her -- which led to the long nap on the couch late at night, and tucking the blanket around her as she shivered. Wednesday was the gym and was supposed to be a coffee meeting with someone, but he rescheduled. Thursday was gaming, and me getting to role-play my character properly... or at least, so I will claim. Basically, I took great pleasure in picking up everything, touching everything else, and doing stupid things -- like throwing mats on hot rocks so they would burn... subsequently filling the room full of smoke and causing me to pass out. That made me laugh *a lot,* which made me conclude that I needed more sleep.

Friday I had my doctor's appointment to be checked over for boxing. I got to take a cab out to the appointment ('cause work came up that kept me kinda late), and I slept the whole way out there -- some half hour or so. I had to reassure my doctor a number of times that I wasn't looking for a career of being punched in the head. I've been seeing my doctor since I was a baby (literally), so it's nice to know he's concerned. ;) I'm also apparently the first woman for which he's filled out one of the boxing forms, so that was kinda cool. The nurse also mocked me for being unable to pee after I'd already done so before leaving for my appointment. I need a new doctor. :)

I headed back downtown to meet up with another lavaboy for dinner. Our waiter's name was Nick, and he was a lot of fun -- we kept joking with him and so on as he came and went. The kid that brought our food was named Joey, and looked to be about 14, literally. Both my date and I were taken aback at how young he looked. When Nick returned, I asked him how old Joey was (something I wouldn't normally do), and he said Joey was 18, turning 19 next month. We made some comment on that, and Nick said that Joey hadn't shaved in a few weeks, and had those few little hairs to show for it -- you could tell that poor Joey got a fair bit of ribbing from his coworkers. At some point in the night, my date said, "Oh Joey," in this tone of voice that just tickled me right and still strikes me as funny... probably a "you had to be there," but it was just the tone of voice you'd say about someone who you've known forever and you just feel bad he has to deal with that stuff. Or something... hard to describe.

I headed home after dinner and vegged with the cats. I was exhausted and wound up going to bed relatively early still (shortly after midnight?). Saturday I was supposed to have coffee with two different people, but postponed the 1 o'clock so I could finish wrapping gifts and parcels. I managed to get done almost in time for the 3 o'clock coffee (what had originally been booked for Wednesday), but didn't get to the post office (and still haven't... that's tonight's errand). After coffee, I rushed back home to put on warmer clothes and head out to meet up with the Habicube and hangers-on for Shawn's birthday dinner.

We had okay food at the restaurant -- I have to confess, I wasn't too enamoured of my food. I was giving Shawn a hard time, and chatting a fair bit with Jacob and Heather, and somewhere during dinner Heather and I devised a plan to make out publically if we could get at least $40 put in the pot ($20 for each of us). Alas, throughout the evening, there were no takers. What's the world coming to when boys won't pay hot girls to make out?

We headed back to the 'cube and Ben brought me chocolate booze. Two words: Yum. After consuming a moderate amount of alcohol and getting emo, I went outside with Jacob for a cigarette. Moose wound up coming out just before I finished, then I went back in and finished my drink. I went up to Shawn's room and laid down on the bed, feeling my heart race and my thoughts chase it and thought about emo and nothing and everything. Jacob came up and joined me, then O from the party also did (not from The Story of O, or at least, not that I knew). As it got close to 11, I packed up my remaining booze and headed out, Jacob following me. I wanted to get home before I ended up totally exhausted and so on.

Sunday I bused over to the post office, thinking it would be open on Sundays, and discovered that it very much wasn't. And it was *cold* out. I did manage to get the DVDs returned, though, so that was good. I warmed up a bit and then headed into the station, where I got to spend parts of the evening (though not many of them) arguing with our most infamous of the crazies. Yay. I got a lift home, so I didn't have to head out through the cold, so that was nice -- and means I have to stop saying mean things about that person for a little bit. ;)

Monday was the gym again and heading over to my friend's place for their 'nog party. I didn't wind up staying long -- only about an hour -- 'cause that's when OFK was leaving, and I didn't want to be out late. I'd only gotten about 4 hours' sleep Sunday night, so I figured I should get to bed early last night. Didn't really work out, since I was wide awake at midnight. :P I also figured that since I can't sing (as was also pointed out to me by a few people during/after the one song I sang) and I wasn't drinking 'nog, I should probably head out. I did manage to get the next book for our book club, though, so that was good -- and one of the reasons I went. :)

Yesterday at the gym was a pretty decent workout. I managed to work my abs well enough that I can still feel them today, and I even ran post-workout for 30 minutes straight, a personal best. Even when I was in the running club, I never managed more than 23 minutes straight. Admittedly, my legs were getting a bit wobbly last night towards the end, but I made it, and I felt good when I was done -- I wasn't covered in sweat or heaving or anything... and I didn't drink any water the whole way through, though I'd had a full Booster Juice smoothie during my workout, so that'd probably helped. I figure I should probably increase the speed at which I run a bit now, since I seem to be managing it okay... as it is, I don't run particularly fast, but that's okay with me. :) My heart rate had been at 160 when I stopped, which isn't as high as it can get.

Oh yeah, and for those who want to know/care, my weight, according to the doctor's scale, was 156 lbs (at 5'2"). I am a fucking dense little thing. :) I know I still need to lose some weight, and I haven't checked what my body fat percentage is currently in awhile (gotta remember to ask my trainer if we can do that), but I'm pretty sure (hopeful) that what's being added on to the frame in terms of weight continues to be muscle. I know I've been noticing more muscles on my frame lately, so ... now, if I could only get rid of the damn belly, I'd be thrilled (she says, as she sips on a can of Coke).

Tonight I get to try and return yet another pair of headphones; the first pair didn't fit my head, this pair has a slice through the wire. Maybe I'll try to go to where Al works, and return them there. :) I might wind up doing it tomorrow, though -- tonight I have to go in the opposite direction to get Mom's Christmas gift (or one of them) and mail out the parcels to the grandparents, finally. I might also rent the next few discs of Futurama (season 4 now!) and just spend the night vegging... although it might make more financial sense to rent 'em free from Blockbuster. Maybe get back into CSI for a bit. Spoiled for choice!

Aren't stream-of-consciousness writings fun? :) Now if only I could write something good for a change... although checking the transcript of our department's latest event, one of our ministers delivered something I'd written more closely than she usually does, which is pretty sweet -- she at least kept in some of the more flowery language I'd written, so that was cool. :)

Oh yeah, yesterday I also wrote my first-ever government entrance exam. Kinda freaky; I had to make a press release out of a speech as part of it, and the tough part was that the speech didn't seem to be saying anything in particular, just describing the role of the department. Well, my experience here with press releases is that they tend to be more about announcements of one kind or another -- not "here's what we do and isn't life going well?" things. Again, poor explanation. I have no real perception of how well I did, but I only needed a 65% to get to the interview stage, which I do hope I managed to achieve; we'll see, though. If nothing else, it was experience and practice at doing something I might get to do in the future -- so next time, I'll have a much better idea what to expect.

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