I always knew/thought I was the Pied Piper for cats, but it's getting worse.

The other day, Thena was putting up a fuss at the back door. She desperately wanted out, and no amount of freezing rain was going to stop her. So, I put her harness on her and let her out.

She stayed out for a few minutes, then came back in. A minute or two after I let her back in, I noticed that there was a black and white cat outside, peering in my kitchen door (which has a big window in it), and just hanging around my little backyard.

Last night, I got home late and fed the cats, and from my bedroom, I could hear someone meowing. I thought it was Thena still being annoying, so I went out to check on her and saw a cat in the backyard -- a different one from the night before.

I feel bad that these poor kitties are out in the bad weather or just the cold, but I can't let them in my place... my kitties would get upset. :(

There was one morning when I was leaving for a work that a kitty came tearing across the street, straight for my door. I guess he lived nearby, or he didn't care whose house and he just wanted in one. He was a sweetie; I gave him a little pat and then I was on my way. He might've been the same kitty from last night, but I think last night's cat had more white on him than the door-runner.

There's also a little black cat that's the spitting image of Venus, but for a white Hershey's Kiss on its chest, and a small white cat with orange tabby sections, someone who was kitten-sized (like, 8 weeks kitten-sized) back in October... lots of kitties around, and I guess they like my place 'cause of the bushes surrounding it and the entertaining kitties inside of it.

Anyhow, last night my trainer gave me a sneak preview pass to see Ocean's Twelve, 'cause she couldn't go. I called up the boy, delaying his boy's night out somewhat, and we went and saw it. Missed the first 20 minutes, which looked like it would've been really useful to see, but otherwise (aside from sitting in the absolutely front row -- why the fuck do those seats exist?!) enjoyed it. Afterwards, he dropped me off at home and I changed into the comfy pants and fed the kitties. :) And as always, stayed up way too late reading.

This morning, Venus kept jumping up on my dresser, and I just wanted to sleep that extra 40 minutes or so between alarms, so I wound up tossing her out of the bedroom, and sleeping until my cell phone -- in my living room, opposite end of the apartment -- woke me up. It actually rang twice; the first time I thought it was part of my dream, the second time I clued in to what I was hearing. It turns out it was my trainer following up on getting my credit card information for my training form yesterday, so that was all good.

I chatted for a little bit on the phone yesterday with a friend of mine, too, and we trashed a few of our friends. I commented on my friends' bitchiness, 'cause normally my friend is more tolerant and accepting of people and their piccadilloes than am I, but it was nice to hear my thoughts (or something akin to my thoughts) being echoed/suggested first by someone else for a change. It makes me feel less of a bitch. :)

I had my interview yesterday morning, and I think it maybe might've gone well. It's hard to tell, really. I have to write a speech this afternoon/tonight as part of my audition package, and I also have to do some grocery shopping (since I'm getting low on foods) and go Christmas shopping... I just bought some stuff from the vendors downstairs, so that means my aunt, sister and Mom are definitely taken care of -- and you hear that, sis? No hints as to what you got! Hah!

I also still have to get something for our gift grab on Saturday, when the big crowd is doing our official Christmas dinner. I'm debating between either wearing a nice top and dress pants, or an actual dress. I figure once I go to the house party part afterwards, I'd probably wind up changing anyhow... although I did that last year 'cause we had a hot tub, and I didn't want to get into a dress afterwards. Beh, I still have a few days to figure it out.

I want to implement a script on my page that allows me to display random quotes, either from movies, tv shows, songs, comic strips or just my life -- something akin to what I do with my MSN title, but a more permanent record. I've found a few pages that seem to do what I want, so that'll be a project for later (since they're blocked from work).

I also have to figure out a way to get over and get my hair done and drop in on the agency Christmas party that's taking place tomorrow. It seems like a really poor reason to leave work, even though it's just for part of the morning, and I already took off a part of yesterday for the "appointment" I had... urgh.

Argh. Also need to buy new winter boots and ideally, a new winter jacket. Wearing your 4'10-11" mother's hand me up jacket isn't exactly a perfect solution, although it was free. Stupid expensive time of year! Mind you, my Christmas rage hasn't really taken place this year, so that's good... I think it helps that I haven't listened to tv or radio much during the last while. :)

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