I have a new phrase for when someone's attracted to someone else. Like, say Mike thinks Jane's really hot. In that situation, Mike wants to hump Jane's bunny.

It can be used in reverse, too: Jane wants to hump Mike's bunny.

If you don't get it, well, you don't read my site enough. ;)

A bunch of weird, isolated dreams last night. Like, I dreamt I was pregnant, and not a little bit pregnant, either -- like, six or seven months along. But the bottom part of my stomach was squishy, like I was carrying a bunch of fat there or something. It was weird.

I also had a dream that I was at someone's rez (although it looked nothing like any rez I've been to before), and D was there, and had been spreading rumours about me. But the only rumour I heard was that I'd had a breast reduction, so I was chewing him out about that in front of a crowd and trying to get him to admit that all the rumours about me were lies, but he wouldn't say anything.

I'm sure there was more, but right now I can't remember it.

Thena was helpful to me this morning. I think I forgot to set my main alarm clock, since I don't remember it going off, but my second one did and woke me up around 7:10. I started passing back out, and Thena tapped me on the head with her paw, from her perch atop my headboard. I thanked her. :)

The weekend was pretty decent. Friday night, OFK took me to get groceries, and we rented Dodgeball and watched it. I'd seen it in theatres, but as always (or so it seems), I was with someone who doesn't believe in staying until the end of the credits to catch the extra stuff... so it was only on the DVD that I got to see the extra scene. OFK said that while the scene was funny, the expression on my face was funnier. I say no more. I also talked to the boy (oh-ho, you say -- what boy?!), and we made tentative plans to get together Sunday afternoon. More on that.

Saturday I went Christmas shopping and managed to get it all pretty much done. I'd like to add something to my gifts for the grandparents, but if I can't, then... that's okay, too. I thought I had a rough start to the day, though; when I stepped over a snowbank in anticipation of crossing the street, four cars drove by, and the first one painted me in slush. The others didn't, so I consider that first car to have been especially an asshole. I was tempted to go back home, but I figured I wouldn't really have time to do it otherwise, so... off I went. I even managed to pick up two pairs of winter boots, which was great.

Afterwards, I headed back home and relaxed on the couch for a bit, before getting showered and ready to go out for our big dinner that night. I'd picked up a nice silk camisole from La Senza, and I was debating whether to wear it with black dress pants or my skirt when my hand brushed a pair of pants that I'd bought back in the fall, and I got all excited and decided to wear them. :)

The cami tied around my neck and scooped in the back, with some ruffly parts down the middle of the back (not overblown ruffles, just gathered fabric). The pants are made of crepe or something, and are pretty funky... they're just regular crepe pants (kinda see-through), and then they have these four long panels in black crepe that drape in the front and back. All in all, a pretty cool outfit, if I do say so myself. I was checking out the pictures that one of the people there last night took, and there were no pics of me at the restaurant, so I can't showcase the outfit.

It was kinda cool having the shoulders and arms bared that way, or rather the way my friends acted was kinda funny... people who wanted to get my attention (or the two people sitting to either side of me) would stroke their hand down my upper arm, rather than just tap me or whatnot. There was also a friend who'd put his hand in the centre of my back, which felt nice. Being touched feels nice. :)

We went over to the house for the after-party, and did our gift grab. I wound up just taking my gift home with me, since the gifts I wanted had already been stolen once, and we couldn't steal more than once a round. I didn't get to take home the head massager thing, so I told OFK he could buy back my friendship for $6 and get me that for Christmas (he'd already stolen it from me in our game). We'll see if he redeems himself yet. :)

I wound up hitching a lift back home a little bit before 1, and eventually going to bed. I puttered for awhile first, putting things away here and there. Afterwards, it was off to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up and did some household stuff, while I waited for the boy to call. Did the dishes, washed all the crap off the kitchen door that the previous tenants had applied (tissue paper with glue, I think), and applied the stuff that I got from IKEA ages ago. The cats "helped," so they kept getting shut back into the bedroom. :)

Never heard from the boy, which was a big aggravating, so off it was to work. I ran into a friend on the bus, so we chatted until I had to peel off to the station. A little later the boy was online and didn't offer any apologies for not having called, just said that he'd been up until 5 and wound up waking up at 2. He was somewhat distracted through the conversation and mentioned at one point that he was on the phone... I said "sounds promising :)" he said, "It always is" or something like that, and I decided that I've been going about this all wrong.

See, I tend to find it easier to date one person at a time -- and it's not like I often find a number of guys that I'm interested in all at once. It's not as though I'm putting all of my expectations on one guy or whatever, just that I'm focusing any 'dating' energies on the one person, and then when it inevitably ends, it's frustrating and annoying, and I have to start all over again.

So I decided that rather than focus on one person, I'd see what I could do about scaring up some extra dates. So I went back on lavalife, caught up on emails I had waiting, and said hi to someone on my MSN list I hadn't said hi to in however long. I wound up chatting with two boys for the rest of the night -- including when I got home -- and now have a coffee meet for Wednesday. :)

Basically, while the boy is a nice guy, and I do enjoy his company and him, I figure that the ol' "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" -- or the reverse, in this case -- is in effect, and I'm tired of being the one to think the questions and whatnot. Nuts to it all, I'll do this dating thing properly or not at all (which is tempting). :)

Now, Markuk was complaining the other day that my blog is getting boring, and is too full of news about my cats. So, for those of you that have managed to read this far, and aren't part of my regular update circle (even those don't often get the full story), you get to hear about the boy.

I met him on lavalife, and we fairly quickly ended up exchanging MSN info. Some guys, I'll just give my MSN address to immediately, just 'cause I really don't like the lavalife email system. Actually, I don't much like email, either -- at least when I have to reply to it. :) Anyhow, last week we talked for the majority of my work shift, then chatted on the phone for another 2 hours when I got home. We made plans to go out Monday night.

Monday we went out for dinner and gelato, then for a bit of a walk outside -- which didn't last long, since it was cold and neither of us was particularly dressed for it. By the time we went for gelato we were holding hands, and when we were walking outside he kissed me. We went back to my place for a little bit, did a bit more kissing, and then he headed out.

Tuesday, he brought over some movies and we watched movies and talked and did some more kissing. He asked if I was free Friday, and we were going to make plans later in the week.

Wednesday I got a pass to see Ocean's Twelve from my trainer, so I called him up and asked if he was interested. I knew it was his boy's night out, and I told him he was welcome to pass, but he didn't and we went and watched the flick. He drove me home afterwards and joined up with his boys.

He's also sent me email to my work account -- 3 of the days last week. He's said he likes me and so on, so I'm just confused now. We're getting together for dinner and mini-putt tonight, so we'll see how things go. Maybe I'm moving into the 4-date curse now. :)

Ah well... I overanalyze stuff. :) Sunday I kept bringing around my bags of presents to theoretically wrap them, then deciding not to. Same with the cards... I might save that for when things really start to die off at work. :)

Oh yeah, Wednesday I had a job interview for a communications officer position. Scary responsibilities... don't know if I want it or not, since I do kinda like my work here, it's just some of my coworkers that make me mental. I'm bad with change. :P Should I be worried that one of my coworkers has taken on doing things he used to delegate to me, or just pleased?

Anyhow, I think now the world is up to date. Enjoy. :)

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