I'm very tired. 1 a.m. is *not* a suitable bedtime.

The sad part is that I keep getting in to work at the same time, regardless of whether or not I get up at 7-something or 8-something. Blargh.

Still no new word on the job situation, but I'm applying to everything under the sun -- which reminds me, back off I go to check out monster.ca and workopolis.com. I've applied to a few things that I think could be really good and/or well-suited to me, but we'll see. Joy for uncertainty and no one telling me anything!

Stupid emotions all messy right now. Where the hell did all of this come from? It reminds me of when I was in high school and realized I was still stupid over the ex- (OBL). Not totally the same, but much.

It's weird that someone to whom I never said the words can be so much more in my thoughts than someone to whom I did say the words. Boys and feelings suck.

I think I'm going to try to finish up my Toronto post soon; OFK was saying he was relying on that to be able to remember what happened on what day, so I need to help out his faulty memory. :)

Then... perhaps then I can do some more writing on my various other sites. Not that I have too many or anything. :P

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