Well, happy post-holidays and all that, everyone. Mind you, the holidays aren't actually over yet, so I guess I should rescind the post part. Fuck you all.

Sorry, just had to throw that in for no real good reason. :)

My Christmas was pretty good; ended up spending two nights with the folks, lazed around on the couch, came home and lazed around on my couch with my sister for a bit on Christmas Day, that sort of thing... I spent some time Christmas night talking to my aunt and just now talking to my Nanny (okay, so I was late, sue me), and familial love continues well. My dad's uncle called us Christmas Eve, and the feeling that I got -- though no one said anything -- was that he's probably not much longer for this world. Which is sad, because I remember him (vaguely) from when I was a kid and how he was one of these big, strong, healthy people... but everyone else seems pretty much just accepting of it. I guess it's one of these where he's been sick and/or worsening for awhile, so they know it's coming and they're resigned to it and so on.

I have no good segue, aside from this line.

For some reason, this is the funniest shit I've read in awhile.

Yesterday OFK came over and I made him watch some of The Music Man -- the original! -- which I'd finally found in MusicWorld. So far, pretty decent... different words than I'm used to (although since there are three different versions that play on Launchcast, it's hard to pick a true version), but enjoyable.

I made cookies the other night, and those who've had them seem to enjoy them. I think they're a little too tough, and I've been told they're quite filling, so that's good. This morning I was very much in the mood to box, and I have a lead on a heavy bag from a boy who likes me and that's a confusing situation, so I have to figure out the cost of a stand and then gloves, and I'll probably take it off his hands. This way, I get to work out my various frustrations in the comfort and security of my own home.

I did some cleaning of the apartment yesterday, including unpacking two more boxes of miscellaneous crap. I moved the couch and fished out the various cat toys, and once again found the sink plug. I have hidden it in amongst the stuff on my counter and fully expect to lose it within the week.

I'm hoping to be able to make something useful of the second bedroom, like a sewing room or some such. I don't want to make it the gym, since I feel it's a little too small for me to feel comfortable working out in there; if the bed were gone, that would be another matter, but for now it is definitely too cramped. The master bedroom, on the other hand, has sufficient space for my bed, dresser, night table, computer desk, and gym equipment. I love my apartment and never want to have to move. Ever. Please don't make me move?! :(

I can feel the stress of the job uncertainty mounting again. *sigh* I feel as though I'll never have my debts paid off, and I don't want to spend too much of my income paying off my debts, because otherwise I will have no savings... and then when I'm unemployed and have to use my savings paying my rent, and can't make payments on my debt... argh! As it is, I have to wait for my paycheque this week (December 31st, 'cause of the holidays) to be able to afford my January rent (comes out on the 1st), and after it's paid, I'll still only have $200 to my name -- less than that, because I did a bit of shopping yesterday (very minor, doing exchanges and using gift certificates, shut up). This life sucks.

Anyhow... urgh. There is still stuff I want, but I'm behaving myself and not buying it. *twitches* :)

Is it normal to find yourself more attracted to someone that you've known for awhile -- like, more attracted than you were originally, but still possibly uncertain about your actual level of attraction to them? Is there any way of explaining to someone that while you do like them and might possibly think of dating them maybe, right now you just view them as a friend and want to maintain that? Urgh. I know he likes me, and I'm not 100% against it, I'm just not sure what percent I am in favour of it. I fear it's a low one. :\ A big part of it is that I think he is innocent in a way that ... hrm.

I have nothing against virgins, it's more the innocent in lifestyle and untouched in dirty deeds that I find tough to work around. I like to be around people that aren't shocked if a girl mentions masturbating or toys -- and why are guys shocked when a girl has no problem saying she touches her dirty parts for pleasure? Bah.

I was pleased to find that my mom seems to really like the necklace that I picked out for her. It was very different than her usual style, but she wore it all day Christmas Day, and wore it to work on Tuesday and apparently was getting tonnes of compliments on it -- one of her coworkers said I had great taste. So that was really cool to hear. :) I was worried she wouldn't like it, but it looks as though she does. Yay, me.

I'm also in the mood to make a lot of food for a dinner party. So, if people feel like coming over in the next week or so for something like lasagna and dessert, let me know.

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