Bash is treating me nicely today:

(Skye-) Talking to my exgf at 3:31 AM :P
(fluffi) yeahhhh, thats what i do with my ex's at 3 in the morning, i "talk" to them ;)
(fluffi) i havent had a good "talk" lately though
(Skye-) I bet :P
(Skye-)define talk fl00f! :P
(kairi00) so that's what they call it these days... "talk" :p
(Skye-) do you "talk" to yourself alot?
(fluffi) i dont "talk" to myself
(fluffi) i "mime" ;)

(Legal18f) yet they insist on a/s/l!
(smarm) hehe
(Legal18f) Isn't it obvious by my nick that I'm a 21 year old male?

(Fusion) My cat tried to eat a praying mantis. I told him it was a bad idea.
(Mitsugi) what was his response?
(Fusion) Uh... "meow"
(Mitsugi) figures
(Fusion) Yeah. What a bitch.

(Karl[LB]) I put Linkin Park on and my cat goes running to the speakers and starts attacking them

ZolaOnAOL: You can't judge a book by its cover.
DrRocksicle: you can if it has no pages

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