This space might now replace my fun MSN titles

I hate title fields

But of course, if I don't use them, then each post winds up getting titled "untitled," which, while accurate, would also be annoying and likely create minor problems for the Blogger archival system -- especially if I kept starting each post with the same words.

So, hi.

I haven't disappeared, I've just been living out the hectic lifestyle again lately -- that, and I didn't really want to come home to a computer after already spending 8 hours on it at work. Especially now that my online freedoms have been slightly curtailed, and that has meant that some of the sites I used to visit to fill time are now no longer accessible to me.

Like this one.


I can still load The ol' pissed off apostrophe, oddly enough, but I can't get into the backdoor to update any of the sites. So Jay did what he could to help me out, and I did the rest of it, and voila, we have now opened up another way of updating the site.

Of course, since I have to be careful of the pathways through which this travels, I might not speak as freely as I did before... or then again, I might. We'll have to see if there's anything about which I actually do want to speak freely.

I've also learned that more than one of my male friends tracks my period.

I don't know if this is something that should concern me or not. I mean, I'm *fairly* certain I'm not usually any crabbier, more difficult, or whatever when I'm PMS-y. I know sometimes I can have a shorter temper, or be less jolly, but I just try to keep those times to myself, so that no one gets hurt by me saying the wrong thing. As my girlfriend N has said she does, I bite my tongue a bit more. Or so I think. I don't show off my weepier moments, and I think the worst that happens is I might say that I'm feeling a little sick, or I'm quiet because I'm not feeling great.

So... why do my male friends track my period? I don't get it, but I just say that it makes my friends even weirder than I would've thought.

I brought one of my re-heatable pads to work, and it kinda helped. By lunch, I was feeling better, but a good chunk of the morning was a bit of a wash. Actually, portions of the afternoon have been a bit of a wash, too -- I just feel as though my brain has wandered off somewhere and left behind a whole bunch of cotton wool. It's like having a cold, but with different unpleasant side-effects. Maybe getting more sleep might be a good idea. Duh. :P

So, what's exciting? Well, I threw an impromptu Singles' Bash on Valentine's Day. Nuts to all of you coupled folks, we're going to hang out, too. It wound up being a fairly low-key event, but we had ice cream and watched Josie and the Pussycats, and I got a good turn out. I'm pleased. I didn't really think about it, but it's encouraging that when I plan something, I usually manage to get a decent crowd going to it -- at least, when it involves my apartment. Maybe there's something to be learned there.

After the movie ended, the cats once again became a prime source of entertainment. Poor Venus was panting with all the exertion she was putting herself through, but it was good to see. I'm a horrible mom and tend not to play a lot with my kitties, so I like when others come over and do so. Tuesday night seemed to be when it all caught up with her -- she flaked on me during Gilmore Girls and just lay there. Very cute.

Yesterday I ran a few errands after work (after my gym session had been cancelled and I'd stayed at work until nearly 6, thereby once again screwing up my plans to try to get out to see my mom to get my mail and the Norton CD), and ... my brain has completely died as to where I was going with this. Oh, right. I stopped into a used game store and picked up an early Crash Bandicoot game (Crash Bandicoot Warped) and Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal, or the third one. I played some video games, watched some CSI, and rejuvenated a little. I was just wiped by mid-day yesterday. Again, a fun by-product of no sleep and then the girl stuff. It seems I'm going to talk about my period a lot this post. Sucks to be you guys.

I'm still trying to work every now and then on a short-ish story I started awhile ago. Moose read what I'd written so far and expressed some appreciation for it, so here's hoping that goes well. I'm glad that he and I are hanging out and talking again. I miss him a lot when I don't talk to him.

At some point in the near future, when I die and have a lot more free time, I'm hoping to revamp this place. This "temporary" site that I've put up has been in place way too long, and that marks what, the third or fourth time I've said as much? At least? I know some people have said they like it, but I know that secretly they miss the pink with the pawprints. And the ugly ugly coding. Don't deny it! I know! Especially Carl and Ezy. Oh, yeah. You guys love the pink with the pawprints.

I got my hair cut last Friday. I went in and asked for the pixie cut, the same one I've been getting for a little while now, and I think it's at its shortest yet. I've been joking that I decided looking like a girl was for girls. Not that I look masculine, but I've never been a particularly girly girl, and now I'm wondering if I'm edging even further into butch-dom. I guess I should post a picture and let you guys judge for yourselves. Soon. I have to migrate my photos off of the current server, and I think I'm going to wind up using the same photo utility that Lucas is using -- and this way I can finally get around to getting rid of the pictures that are out of focus, or just identify some of them properly. Like, "here's yet another picture of Ben sleeping" and so on.

I want to go into a little ramble about femme vs. butch women, and my preferences and where I do or don't want to wind up on the scale, but I'm not sure I have time, and I'm worried I'd wind up offending someone. You know, someone out of my vast audience of lesbian fans. :) Hi, ladies!

Jay, stay away from them. They're not into boys. :)

Tonight I could have plans if I wanted to (like the marshmallow, 'cause he and I don't spend enough time together as it is... persistent little bugger), but I think considering the way I feel, another solo night is probably my best bet. With my spazzy head the way it is, I'll be lucky if I don't stab myself in the finger if I decide to cross stitch. This odd distance/light-headedness is just plain weird... it's almost like if consciousness and fainting could be placed along a continuum from 1 to 10, 10 being passed out, I'm vascillating between 4-7 all day. Very very strange.

I got my new book for book club yesterday (The Tiger Claw, by Shauna Singh Baldwin) and season 5 of Angel. This means that finally, I have all of Buffy and Angel on DVD... if you disregard the fact that JW and AM have my season 6 of Buffy, the marshmallow has my season 1 of Angel, and Ben has my season 3 of Angel. At least Big A and I connected long enough for me to get my Pirates DVD back... now if I could only talk to H long enough to get my stupid book back (and get the Palahniuk from Markuk, and my Greek text and other tape from Ben), I think I'd be all set. Stupid helpful nature! I no longer loan out anything! Bah!

Of course, I have a few books and DVDs on loan myself, and I did have poor ED's Six Feet Under for forever... urgh. Sorry. :)

And now I think I'll end this here, 'cause I need to get my space cadet brain hope, and maybe dunk it in a bucket of cold water a few times or something. Sheesh.

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