Weird -- it was absolutely silent here for a little while, but for my typing.

Venus threatened to pee on the bed this morning, but I got up, fed her and scooped out her litterbox. I sure showed her!

Man, and I thought Thena had made me her bitch back when she was a kitten...

Kinda fun reading back through that -- some of those moments I remember anyhow, and others only really came back to me with the re-reading of the posts. She really was a cute, funny little kitten -- so full of confidence and so self-assured... yet still just a tiny little thing that every now and then needed me. Crazy.

What have I been up to lately? Lots of socializing, again. When did my life get to be so active like this? Urgh. And of course, given the nature of my brain, I don't remember any of it.

I'm planning on cutting back on it somewhat, though. I don't like that when I'm hanging out with this person or that one, I'm not writing. Mostly lately, I've been playing video games and sometimes cross-stitching, when I hand the control over to someone else. I've barely read anything in ages -- I only got half-way through my book for book club, and the only books I've read have been those on my PDA, and they're books I've already read. In cleaner English, I've been re-reading Incubus Dreams (Laurell K. Hamilton) and Order of the Phoenix (J.K. Rowling). No new material.

I also have the return of Gilmore Girls on Tuesday nights, the return of Pho -- also on Tuesday nights -- the gaming sessions, which are down to one now (although with the likely start of the Buffy game, that may go back to two), writer's group, which met again on Sunday. This time, everyone made it in, which was good. We didn’t talk a lot about our writing, mostly just catching Jamie up on what we’ve discussed in the past, and where we want to go.

The cats were well-behaved. Venus stayed away from the food (a minor miracle), and Thena was very mellow on the kitchen chairs. She was outside for a bit and seems to have made a friend of the orange and white cat that’s around Venus’ age, so that was kinda neat. I’d opened the door to see the two of them on the back patio, and neither seemed upset.

Saturday was a bit of running around -- I made it out to IKEA, got everything I needed to put up curtains in the final window (well, these are going to go in my room, then those will be moved to the spare bedroom), and soon the cats and I will be able to hide from the world in curtained-splendour! I also got a massage on Saturday, which was nice. The massage therapist and I talked the whole time, and then it was off to play some video games. Later I went out to the 'cube for what turned out to be a bit of girl-kissing, some drunkeness and lots of weird on-going drama. Shawn and I walked to the bus station, where Mad picked me up, and I joined another group of folks for a drama-less ending to the evening.

Back to Sunday... I went off to work, actually got in a bit early for a change, and the shows were moderately interesting for a change; the first one dealt with the same-sex legislation, and of course some of the kooks called in. Then the last one had a coroner as the guest, and she was quite interesting to listen to. Of course, the host kept asking her a question, then talking over her for great periods of time every time she went to actually speak... And I don’t understand why it is, whenever someone old introduces someone young, they have to point out both their age and the fact that “they’re quite articulate” or “they’re quite well-spoken,” or similar comments. Are old people the only ones allowed to be articulate? ‘Cause in my experience, the ones that call in are actually the doddering, drooling ones... maybe it’s time to start saying, “And here’s so-and-so. He’s quite the old fart, and look – he managed to avoid drooling when he spoke today!”

I took that in a much grosser direction originally, but then I grossed myself out, so I changed it.

People are driving me nuts today. Argh. If you give me nothing to go on, don’t expect me or my speech writer to have been able to read your minds and deliver gold. If all you said was “don’t write fluff,” then don’t wonder why the speech writer didn’t magically turn that into the epic pronouncements on the future of the department that your boss wants to deliver.

Blargh. I think I’m going to end this here – it’s taken me all day to get this much out, and I don’t even really remember what I’d originally wanted to say. No wonder I can’t write anymore... my brain is fucking shot from work.

Also, my wrist still hurts from boxing on Wednesday, so this is going to make today’s gym appointment interesting.

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