Ah, sweet blogging love. Sweet days off.

Yeah, that's right. In order to compensate for my two weeks of misery at work and the fact that the bf has today off, I have taken a five-day weekend! I now revel in your envy, etc.

Of course, for my friends who are currently between jobs, this is a large part of their life and for that I dislike them. Yeah.

Further notes from my last post that I forgot to include (well, one of them): Venus turned into a total suck-hole for the rest of the weekend, after I brought Thena back from the vet. I think this is 'cause she was playing with a mouse and didn't see us leave, so she got all upset and panicky and so on, as she does.

Last night, I came home to hear my upstairs neighbours playing on Aboriginal drums. That stuff fucking *carries*. :P

I also watched Men in Black last night, 'cause I had been thinking about it lately and hadn't seen it in awhile. I like those kinds of roles for Will Smith -- he's a fun actor to watch.

Big A, since I haven't seen you online in awhile, I wanted to let you know that there's apparently a Thena Street in Toronto. The bf wasn't kind enough to go and take a picture of it himself, but he wanted me to pass that along to you. :)

I learned the other day that I made it past the written exam portion of the last 'job interview' that I went to, so I'll be getting to do an oral interview sometime in the next few weeks. Who knows? If I do well enough on that, and manage the CCCs in my French testing, I could have a new, stable, better-paying job. Oooh.

The beasts are up to something right now that could almost sound like one of them is playing with or in the toilet, but hell if I can figure it out. And now she isn't, so I don't think I'll ever know what trouble she was up to. Venus tipped over the garbage can in my bedroom earlier in the week, and I suspect that the one item of garbage that was in it is going to turn up at a really inopportune time. Cats are good for that.

But, since I'm shipping her off to my sister, that won't be a problem anymore! :)

I managed to twinge my knee a little at the gym yesterday, so we didn't do much in the way of lower-body workouts. I felt like a loser. However, I was up to 165lbs on the squats, so that's pretty awesome. My body really is suited for those kinds of boys who like girls who can throw a cow over their shoulder and go. A scrawny little bar-thing I will never be, but that's okay. I like having boobs, and boys like 'em too. They're nice boobs.

Anyhow, I think since I'm rambling about absolutely nothing, I should probably get a move on. I need to grab a shower, get together whatever I might happen to need for today, grab some breakfast and get going. The bf was all shocked that I was going to bus out to his place, which amused me. I've been busing since I was about 10? Why should I get *too* spoiled just 'cause there's a car around.

I like having a car around.

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