Pretty good times lately. I went to see the Cannes Lions -- the commercial award winners -- Thursday night, which I seem to recall posting about, so I won't repeat it here. It's weird to think that a year ago, I was seeing them with the Frog. Who knew I'd be here a year from then?

Friday morning, the paramedic left for TO, and so my Friday night was free to hang out with the zone folks. We hung out at R and N's place, mostly just talking and playing some games, and a few of the girls got to making plans. N decided that (and I might get some of this wrong) everyone should get married several times, and the girls would all rotate dresses, and somewhere in there I'd just be buying a dress so I could join in. So I made some protest about getting a pity dress, but then they said that who knows what could happen between now and then?

Then it moved into planning my wedding. I said that since there weren't any weddings in July yet, I'd probably pick that month, and A said that no, July was too hot -- she got married in October, and it was perfect, she wasn't too hot at all. This is also someone who loves to have ths house set around 13 degrees Celsius or so, I must point out. So I said that I wouldn't be getting a very heavy dress and blah blah blah, and then they said I should get married in December and have a winter wedding. I said no, then you can't wear nice shoes and so on, and S joined in here and said that that's when you get to wear the nice thigh-high white leather lace-up boots... and it went *really* *really* downhill from there.

N, S and A started planning my winter wedding, making it as tacky and awful as possible -- white suede corset, the aforementioned white leather boots, fur ties for the boys, fur skirts for the girls (I think), something else odd for the boys... my colours would be blue and lavender (or some two shades of blue), ummm... then Greg and M joined in with something to do with clubbing seals and it got worse. I was asking questions like, "where am I going to get the groom?" and "what if his colouring doesn't go with those colours?" and A waved that off, saying that the groom was the interchangeable part. I eventually just walked away, slightly scared, and saying that they weren't invited. :)

Saturday I got up early to take Thena to the vet. She got her vaccines, behaved herself nicely, and even got a new one -- we decided to go ahead and start with the feleuk, since she potentially comes into contact with other kitties (like her boyfriend, who knows what he might have!). This means I get to bring her back in a month's time, poor thing. When the vet went out to get her vaccines, Thena was sitting on the chair behind me, breathing heavily, and when the doc came back in, I think she might've hissed at the doc -- but it turned very briefly into panting. Poor baby. She also got to wander around at one point, and I had my hands behind me while I talked to the doc. Suddenly I felt a little tongue licking my fingers -- she'd jumped up onto the chair and was saying hi to me. :) I always figure either things aren't that bad if she can do that, or she just really does love me, and just sometimes has weird ways of showing it.

I spent much of the afternoon baking cookies and putting together a lasagna (I also managed to avoid making plans with one of the lavalife guys I've known for awhile and don't actually have any interest in meeting). While I was doing that, I was also working on a puzzle -- Thena was outside all afternoon, and Venus just kept getting into trouble. Poor thing... I spent most of the day sorta yelling at her for this or that. I think she was worried I was going to go away or something -- when I had noticed the cab was outside my door, I just bundled Thena into the carrier and left. Venus was in the bedroom playing with a mouse, so she never saw us go... I think it upset her.

I called up Big A Saturday night, and invited him over for dinner. We went out to one of the local shopping malls so I could go shopping through Mrs. Tiggywinkle's for something for the paramedic. I ended up buying him OX, who is best friends with Wedgehead, who he'd gotten me awhile ago. It was a debate between a couple of them, but Big A helped me choose. I also picked up one of the Cubes, because it was just a bit too funny to resist. I have to set it up at my work. It is my life. :P

I also picked up the book by Anne Taintor, who does all of those retro images. I'd seen it before, but this time they were on sale!

And finally, the piece de resistance... a little plastic goat. That comes in handy later.

Big A and I got back to my place a little after 9, ate the lasagna and watched American Pie. Then we watched some Dave Chappelle stand-up, and somewhere in there the paramedic called me. He was outside of Kingston, and we chatted for a bit about nothing much in particular. The usual kind of thing. :)

After Big A left, I wound up talking to PF for awhile, telling him his cookies were ready and talking a bit about my stupid rampant insecurities. I AM A JOY. We also talked about his, and the girl he's just started seeing, and it was good.

So Sunday I didn't do too much, just slept in late, did some minor cleaning and washed my sheets, got my PS2 back from OFK, who'd borrowed it for a birthday party, and worked on my puzzle some more. I had a trainee at work, and since she's doing my shift for me next week, I had her on the board for most of the night. Hah! So it meant I had nothing much to do, but it worked out well. She's cool, we talked some. I also learned that the marshmallow had put my name down as someone who might be interested in taking judo classes in July. He asked if I might be interested, I said I'd have to see what was going on then, he said then I might not be, 'cause it's Monday and Wednesday nights. I'd also mentioned cost and location, and he said that he could drive me home afterwards, of course, and that students can pay per class. He also asked me about hanging out this week. He really wants to be around me. :P

The paramedic picked me up from work, and gave me a present -- it was a stuffed mole. He later mentioned that he'd asked his friend to help him pick out the ugliest stuffed animal they could find. Nice. :P :)

We drove back to my place, I gave him OX, and then we were trying to figure out what to do next. I mentioned, "well, usually at this time I go and talk to (PF)..." and he came up with, "(PF) is at *work*." I said, "wouldn't it be closed by now?" and got, "(PF) IS AT WORK" in response. *grin*

I mentioned that I'd had an interesting conversation with PF the other night (also said it when the paramedic and I were talking online earlier in the evening), and he said he knew, that there were things I'd told PF that PF hadn't wanted to know, and so on. Basically, the paramedic was trying to trick me into revealing details, because PF wouldn't. I have to watch out for this trickery in the future! But I didn't reveal anything, even after skimming through the conversation logs to try and see what was said. Apparently he knows PF's passwords, so he said he could read the log anytime he wanted, but I still revealed nothing.

Later, as he was leaving, I so-not-subtly reached into the Tiggywinkle's bag at my feet and managed to slip the goat into his pants pocket. I figured he totally figured out what was going on, but he didn't react at the time, so it was fine.

Less than ten minutes later, he phoned me to scream at me -- he'd found it. *rofl* I am a wonderful person. :D

I am also now running behind, because typing all of this has taken me awhile. :P

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