Vaguely funny - this morning, while in discussion with PF again about what's going on, and getting to hear the semi-hurtful phrase, "just last night (the paramedic) was telling me how happy he is being single again", I was simultaneously arranging a date for Saturday.

Now, to follow up on my joking plans that I was making with OFK last night to go and have some nostrings headbanging sex. I suggested that, it being the summer (for the uni kids, at least), D was probably back in town...

I like to say things to make myself laugh sometimes. Like gazebo. Or mukluk. Blubber! Macademia!

Few of you will actually get that, but whatever. The day is half-over, the week is half-over, the glass is half-full. My friends have been great, I've been really busy socializing, and I'm looking to continue this trend - so if you're up for plans tomorrow (or maybe even tonight), gimme a shout. Even if we've never met! Let's make this a dating extravaganza and so on. :)

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