My mind feels empty and useless right now. I've been wanting to write for some time, but I can't think of anything interesting to say, and I feel in some way like I'm letting you guys down if all I ever do is recount what I've done. There's little to no skill involved in writing like that.

So on that note... I had book club Friday night, and we talked a bit about Angels and Demons, which was April's book, but mostly about television, french immersion and so on. A and I had a moment of nonsensical hilarity that had to do with Madeleine swearing and our waiter, and everytime we'd look at each other we'd just crack up more. It made no sense whatsoever (kinda like R and my winking thing), and yet it was great. :)

Some of the group was off to see Kung Fu Hustle, but I'd already seen it with Ben and crew, so I just went home, as did Mad. I watched some television, did a bit of reading, and went to bed by about midnight - I was fairly exhausted.

Saturday I slept in nice and late, after a phone call from my trainer to cancel our appointment, and then I lounged around the house for most of the day. I grabbed a shower and got ready in time for the spook (his current nickname, until he decides on a better one... other contenders are frenchman, petit, or something along those lines) to pick me up and off we went for food. Neither of us was craving anything in particular, so we ended up with Italian (decent, but I've had better), a couple of glasses of wine for me, and more than my fair share of tartuffo. Yum.

We came back to my place and watched South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, and talked and got harrassed by Venus, who eventually decided that yes, she did want to be in my lap, and that was that. He left around midnight, and I stayed up for awhile longer, playing more video games, cross stitching (because I'm super-cool) and watching DVDs.

Sunday was another super-lazy day. Slept in, cross stitched more, then off to the station where I had a minion who got to do most of the work. Hah! That went relatively well, though I did start to tire of it as the evening went on. My attention span isn't that great or something, I guess. ;)

Speaking of which, I've abandoned this post for awhile, so I suppose I'll leave it off here. I'm trying to finish a job application before I leave for the gym, so I'll have to leave you all with great insights and so on later.

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