Okay, so things are finally confirmed and I have a few minutes where I feel productive, so I discuss things.

But first, a summary of the last few days.

Let's see... Thursday I went out to a cheapo comedy club with the spook and one of his friends. En route, the spook said something to me (as a joke) that I found really offensive, so I seethed for about five or ten minutes, then decided to do the mature route and get over myself and state I had found it offensive. He apologized, and things were better for the rest of the evening.

He dropped me off right after the show 'cause he wasn't feeling well, and I more or less went right to bed, because I had a Big Day planned for La St-Jean.

I woke up around 8 Friday morning and decided to get up and get moving. I didn't really get out of the house until 10, 'cause my version of 'get moving' is still fairly slow if I don't have to move quickly. I headed over to Stefan's place, and the two of us headed over to the DMV.

He read the motorcycle book in the car, and read out a few things to me, and when we got to the DMV, we sat in the car for a bit and read some more. We went in to see how long of a wait it would be, I had difficulties with the vending machines (bring lots of loonies or twoonies, 'cause that's all it takes!) and we chatted a bit while we waited. I tried to read the book a bit more, Stefan kept stealing it from me, and then it was our turn to go through the vision testing and so on.

I was convinced I'd failed it 'cause I wasn't able to see some of the numbers in the little circles, but she processed me through (note to self: don't wear contacs!). We wrote the tests, Stefan did better than me (probably because he actually read the book a bit more thoroughly -- i.e., at all), and we both passed and were out and on our way.

So... I'm now legally allowed to get on any motorcycle during daylight hours and drive around the city. With no training whatsoever. I know this is the same as when I got my G1, but at least there you have to have a passenger, and if you're driving an automatic, a car isn't the most difficult thing in the world to operate.

Anyhow, we headed over to the motorcycle store so I could buy a clock for the spook's bike, and I picked up a pair of boots and a helmet for myself. Then we drove over to the spook's place (after a stop at a drug store so I could buy a bow to put on it -- ended up with some multi-coloured ribbons that looked very pretty), and Stefan decided he passed the Nice Guy test, because the spook offered him a beer shortly after our arrival/invitation inside.

From there, we headed over to Ben's place and harrassed him and Mark for a bit. I decided I wanted to do a dinner thing, so we called up Matt and arranged to have him (and the two As) meet us later at Stefan's place. I drove Mark, Ben and Stefan downtown, and then Mark and I hung out for a bit at my place before he had to head out to meet his friends for a movie. We talked a bit about friendship and trust issues, didn't necessarily accomplish anything in the conversation, but there didn't seem to be any major hurt feelings or anything, either.

The BBQ was fun, and I left around 11:30 or so because I had to be up early on Saturday. Saturday I, along with most of the rest of the crew, was helping S and N move from their current place to BFN. The day as a whole was fairly fun -- there were some shorter tempers than usual, probably helped in no small part from the heat, but no one seemed to really snap at anyone else. I had two of my "friends" comment on the "titty sweat" pattern that I had (apparently my nipples have moved a inch inwards apiece), and it was then said that I had some kind of arrangement where my nipples were spurting I'm-not-sure-what above the top of my bra in order to form this pattern. I was trying not to listen. :P

N and I were amused by the various sweat patterns that were forming on some of our friends -- JJ, for example, had a Tenderheart sweat pattern going on (the shape of the heart, not the bear), and M had a dry patch in the shape of a butterfly or batman symbol on his chest -- so we decided that he was wearing the costume under his shirt.

Anyhow, despite most of us taking the wrong exit off the highway, we all got there in one piece. From there there was some unloading (I confess, I didn't participate in the unloading -- but I did a good amount of loading, without even feeling sore afterwards!), and some playing in the pool and sitting on the deck outside, talking. I felt somewhat outside of things -- it definitely felt like there was a lot of coupling or pairing of conversations going on, and I felt like I wasn't really welcome in many of them. An observation, not a complaint.

I managed to crack my head on a table at one point, and only discovered later that night that I had a cut above my nose -- I've now been asked twice if one of the kitties got me, but alas, it was my own stupidity. It hurt a lot at the time, and I'm surprised I didn't get a bruise or something, but not especially disappointed.

I left at the same time as R and N, shortly after dinner, and got home around 8 o'clock. I called them up and we went out to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Beforehand, I grabbed a Timmy's sandwich (I kept winding up hungry *after* eating food that I hadn't been especially hungry to eat in the first place) and some Solarcaine for the sunburn on my shoulders. Nothing too awful, but it's been years since I've had a burn, so I'm finding it uncomfortable. I'm a wimp when it comes to pain! ;)

Sunday I drove the car back out to my parents' place, then went with Dad to pick up Mom from the airport. While we were waiting, Dad and I were talking about motorcycles, and the possibility of storing it in my second bedroom (my sister isn't as crazy as I thought!).

See, the reason I can start making plans for my second bedroom now is that I actually have a real, solid *job* that I'll be starting Monday. I love the timing -- my contract here finishes on the 30th (Thursday), and I have the long weekend, then I start my new job on Monday. It would've been nice to have some time off to theoretically clean or lounge around or something, but this will work out nicely.

I want to have something momentous happen in my life. Good momentous, though. And I know, a new job should be enough, but for some reason, it just isn't.

I had the kitties out on their leashes last night -- well, sort of. I'd brought my chair outside after my gym session (a pretty good one, I think), and I had them both on their leashes. Venus did the chicken thing and stayed inside, and Thena went inside after awhile and didn't come back out. I had the back door open, so I just thought they were lying in the doorway, being dorks.

After awhile, Venus came out and was near the door. I praised her for being brave enough to come outside, and watched her a bit as she wandered around the patio. I was reading, I wasn't paying too much attention -- until she was down the steps, further than she's able to reach when on her leash. Then I realized there was no line of blue following her -- she'd gotten off her leash. And, as it turns out, her harness.

So, she was a good kitty for having stayed close to home, and I don't think she deliberately tried to get off her harness (it was hanging over the couch, so I think she tried to run away and slipped out). Thena, on the other hand, was all twisted around the kitchen table and chairs -- a new game she likes to play. It's called Annoy Mom. :P

She came out and got twisted around my chair a bit, and then tried to jump back on the patio, landing with an awful-sounding thump both times she tried. I got her to calm down and I untangled her. Poor kitty. :( Mind you, all of this will teach me to pay a bit more attention to them when they're outside -- or not, I should say.

Last night at the gym, my trainer had me do a new kind of exercise. Once upon a time, she held my legs somewhat while I did chin-ups -- this was a modification on that. She moved the bar on the Smith machine to its second-highest setting, and placed a flat bench underneath it. I kneeled on the bench, held onto the bar with my palms facing me, and raised myself up so my chin was above/at the bar. Ideally, I should've done this without ever going back fully on my knees, but I did because that is my way. It's a huge workout for your obliques, and I can definitely feel them today. Yesterday, after we finished two sets, I laid down on the bench at one point (while she was moving the bar into place and adding some weights to do military press), and I was getting mini-spasms in my obliques, almost like someone was prodding them under my skin or something. It's an exercise I think I'm going to love to hate, and I can see myself doing it again more. When I mentioned the spasms, she said that obviously we were going to have to do more of these. :)

Afterwards, I did a few more ab exercises -- one set on "Rocky" (as she calls it), where you hold yourself up from your calves and you do curls upwards, and then a set of knee raises. I do have strong abs somewhere under all the rest of this stomach. :P

I was supposed to have a workout on Friday, but I'd cancelled it. I figured the net result with Saturday's exertions more or less balanced it out. :)

Also, I feel that I have no fashion sense. I decided this today -- well, I decided this a long time ago, but I feel it more today. I shouldn't fear wearing more fitting clothes, because the baggy look just isn't flattering or attractive. Now if I could only get my body to a point where it looks good in the fitted clothes... Bah!

Anyhow, I think I'm moving past some of the emo I had going on this weekend, hopefully.

I finished my copy of Fahrenheit 451 the other day, and last night I finished the book I'd started reading last night, and I forgot to bring more reading material with me today. :P

Okay, time for lunch, I think. Breakfast didn't satisfy me -- maybe pancakes and bacon for dinner last night didn't really fill me up the way it should've.

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