Day two has finished, and I've had a few realizations.

First, a king-sized bed is just ridiculous. It's huge and I can sleep diagonally, lengthwise or widthwise in it, and not hang off the bed. Granted, that's kinda fun, but seriously -- it's huge! Mind you, the hotel only seems to have rooms with king-sized beds, or with two double beds, so I guess it's not like they weren't listening to me when I said I only needed a double. :)

Hell, I remember when OFK and I went to Toronto, and we had queen-sized beds. I thought that was huge, as I travelled across it in the course of the night. It's true, I would -- I'd wake up, move over a little, and fall back asleep. Most nights, I fell asleep at one side of the bed and woke up at the other. Who says I hog the bed?! :) (I don't, actually -- the smooshy does. I have to fight to have space in my own damn bed. :P)

Anyhow, second, I think somewhere when I wasn't paying attention, I became a grown-up. I was walking back to my hotel room, and I realized that as far as everyone else is concerned, I'm an adult. I'm here on merits, I'm here as a representative of my organization, and no one else realizes that in my head, I'm still some child or student who doesn't know what the hell is going on. It's... weird.

I think it's also the first time I've stayed in a hotel room alone. At least, I can't really remember another time when I've stayed in one on my own.

Ah well... I slept in a bit today (well, I woke up around 8:30 local time) and awoke to window cleaners or construction people outside my window. Fortunately, I didn't sleep naked, as is often my habit. After spending some time on the computer and the phone with the smooshy, I headed over to check in to the conference. They basically told me to come back at 2:00 p.m., so I found some breakfast, wandered around a bit and did some gift shopping and grabbed some lunch. I came back to the hotel to get rid of my purchases and relax a bit, then went back to the conference to set up.

I made some friends out of the people there, people who are much older than me and therefore probably see me either as very young or as an adult of sorts (I didn't say I had to make sense), and never saw my coworker. I still haven't heard from him yet -- for all I know, he never even came! -- and so I had to set up my whole display on my own. Well, on my own but with the help of the volunteers and a few of the other booth folks. Apparently we have much more swag than some of the other tables, which is impressive, since we figured we were arriving with nothing.

It didn't take too long to set up, so once I was done, I came back to the hotel to change into jeans and comfy shoes. My feet were killing me, 'cause I haven't worn my shoes in forever. :( At least tomorrow I'll be sitting a fair bit. I chatted with my sister for awhile, then decided to go out to see a movie. It was either that or wander to the nearby Rogers/Blockbuster to rent a movie (the laptop is equipped with a DVD-ROM, lucky me!).

I ended up seeing Just Like Heaven, which I've been wanting to see. It reminded me of a book I read years ago, but it doesn't seem to be the same one.

I wish I could be interesting enough for tonnes of people to come and read. I spent awhile updating my chequebook today -- that was thrilling. :) I've been having lots of thoughts lately about wanting to write, and ideas on things to write. Nothing is really connecting, which is frustrating. I know that the first version doesn't have to be perfect, and the story can change a dozen different ways before it's final, but... I keep feeling like I should have *some* idea of what to have happen, or how to have the story move.

Maybe I should just do like Moose does, and have one story that I continuously rewrite until ultimately, it's something completely different from what I originally conceived, but I like the evolution it's undertaken.

Maybe I just don't have deep thoughts. :P

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