Is it fair of me to say that because religion plays such a non-existant role in my life, that I am continually ignorant of and frequently forget what the religious background of my friends is...

... or is that just ignorant and stupid of me?

For example... if I can't remember if someone happens to be Catholic or Anglican, or Hindu or Muslim, am I being a racist/narrow-minded jerk, or is that acceptable, if not necessarily 'good'?

Maybe this is simply a reflection of the culture in which I live (one in which religion does not play a large role) that religion and religious backgrounds I can't keep straight, yet sexual orientation and predilictions are in the forefront of my brain.

I mean, I know there are differences between the various religions, and I'm never going to tell anyone that they should conform to mine... and granted, sometimes in my tunnel visionness I'm a bit surprised when friends from different religious backgrounds are unfamiliar with Christian customs (i.e., communion or Christmas/Easter traditions), but I don't expect them to automatically celebrate the same holidays that I do. Although sometimes I do jokingly tell N that she needs to CONFORM to our ways.

I admit it, sometimes I need reminding that things aren't the same for everyone. Just because I was raised by two parents who had two children and haven't divorced doesn't mean it's the same for all. Hell, sometimes seeing other girls in various states of undress serves to remind of me stupid little things like, 'Hey, not everyone has freckles/moles on their arms like me' or even 'Hey, people have different coloured nipples!'

Oh, I'm fucking deep. You'd better believe it.

But hey, I'm willing now and again to admit to my foibles. Not always, it's true... and it's weird that when it comes to work mistakes, although I do dwell on them, I simultaneously hate to admit to them, yet when it comes to being ignorant or uninformed in life matters, I'm usually willing to step forward and say something.

Gah. If I had all the time in the world (and a nice rich bank account and/or husband), I think I'd be a perma-student. There's much I'd love to study and learn about.

Sometimes I wonder if I've chosen the right path. Maybe I'd be better-suited to study writing, or sex therapy or something. Urgh. I think both of those would involve me moving out of the city to study, however, and I wouldn't even know if I could make it. There are many other people much more devoted to those pursuits than I. I just keep coasting, it seems.

Huh, who knew I could ramble myself into an existential crisis? I just wish I could be at home, knitting or something. I found an easy pattern for a poncho I want to make, but I don't know that my mom would sell me the yarn. She wants me to finish one of my current projects, first. Bah. When I'm sitting here at work, cold, the last on my mind is completing the sleeveless shirt I've been working on. Instead, I want me a giant poncho!

Anyhow, I think it's obvious by now that I'm only/mainly writing in order to avoid doing something else, and right now that something else is finishing up my paper. I think it's more or less ready to go, and I guess it isn't going to be worse than the version that got me the C+. :P I just wish I knew already what I was going to ask the prof when I interview her on Sunday, though. Mind you, I have highlighted some things in various articles that I've read and in her thesis that I don't think are directly answered there, so hopefully I won't be taking her over already well-covered ground.

I need more *time*. I need time to exercise, to cook, to clean, to do my crafts, to hang out with friends, to do schoolwork, to watch my shows, and to read for fun. I need time to spend with the Smooshy, to spend with the cats, to travel, and especially to sleep. I need time to find a new apartment and move and decorate and ride my bike and visit my family and write letters to my grandfather, and save money and pay off my bills.

Urgh. Living is stressful.

Okay, okay, I'm done now. Next post will be #1500, according to the Blogger count, though. That's kinda cool and/or depressing, isn't it?

Aren't you glad I'm back? So full of useful updates!

Okay, I'm gone. Stress bunny. :P

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