I am frustrated, annoyed, potentially upset, and possibly coming down with a cold. In fact, that last part is probably a guarantee.

The thing is, I've been much more angry in the past about issues, but now... now this just adds to it.

Maybe I just have higher expectations for my jobs -- my 'careers' -- than are actually being met. Maybe my rank really is that of a glorified secretary. Maybe because I am a woman and younger (and okay, present today), I am meant to do the menial tasks.

I just find it amusing that when I originate a document, once it leaves my hands it is rare for me to see it again. But when the document 'originates' (highly unlikely) from one step above, it is up to me to ensure that it gets to where it needs to go.

Needless to say, I didn't put my name anywhere on that one. I have work of my own to do, and it's a crying shame you're too damn busy to help -- but not entirely unexpected. Colour me completely unsurprised.

I could go on, but... *sigh* What's the point? In April, this is all going to change... but April is a fuckload of time away from now.

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